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In the most recent update of Genshin Impact miHoyo added some new Store Quests for players to complete. These Story Quests involve hanging out with specific characters to help them accomplish certain tasks. While you are hanging out with these characters you will make a variety of choices that branch the quest in various directions that lead to different endings. To keep track of how these quests branch there is Story Quest Plans you can consult. They uncover as you complete the missions. To help we’ve compiled the compelted Genshin Impact Hangout Event Plans for you below.

Status: WIP (3/4).

Noelle Hangout Event Plan

Image showing the completed Noelle Hangout Event plan in Genshin Impact.

One of the four characters you can spend time with is Noelle. Noelle is a maid that has hopes of becoming a knight. Through the Hangout Event you learn more about Noelle as you help here through three possible quest paths. See the plan above to learn what those paths are.

Bennett Hangout Event Plan

Image showing the Bennett Hangout Event Plan.
Image provided by CaptClue.

Bennett is one of the four characters you can Hangout with by selecting his Story Quest. Bennett, like other characters, has multiple paths through his Story Quest that lead to different memories. The plan above shows you those paths and the memories they reach.

Barbara Hangout Event Plan

Barbara is another one of the characters you can do the special Hangout Event with. This Story Quest contains a total of 5 endings you can unlock. The plan for the Barbara events can be seen in the multiple images above. Consult them to get the most out of this mission.

Using these plans above you will have a better idea of where you need to replay the Story Quests to get the different branches. As there are rewards tied to unlock each ending you will want to get them all. Using the plans above you should be able to get through a quest in roughly 35 minutes to an hour.

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