Fortnite Player Creates Website to Help You Track Weekly Battle Pass Challenges

track weekly Battle Pass challenges

Fortnite Battle Royale features an interesting mechanic called a Battle Pass which essentially tasks players with completing weekly challenges to earn Battle Points. These challenges run weekly during each season and reward players with loot for earning Battle Points. Since there are a ton of challenges to keep track of, it can often be hard to know the locations of every challenge. Luckily for us, Reddit user Tmant1234 has put together a nifty website which lets you track weekly Battle Pass challenges, called Fort-Friend.

Fort-Friend Helps You Keep Track of Weekly Battle Pass Challenges

Fort-Friend is designed to act as a nice little checklist for players looking to keep track of the weekly Battle Pass challenges that are available in Fortnite Battle Royale. When you access the site, you are shown both a map and an interactive checklist. The map shows off the locations of everything you want to accomplish during the week such as finding letters, rubber duckiess, or getting kills in a specific location.

Alongside the map is an interactive checklist which allows you to toggle which of the weekly challenges you’ve completed. Toggling off Rubber Duckies for example, removes the Rubber Duckies from the map, making things less cluttered and easier to view.

The developer behind the site, Tmant1234, posted about Fort-Friend being a project they’ve worked on these past couple of weeks. The developer left the idea of further refinement and development open to the community (of which there seems to be some interest). Those of you interested in looking at the site’s inner workings, can make your way to the GitHub here, or make design suggestions here.

Already there seems to be a number of refinements planned for the site, including better mobile experience, and using a higher resolution image of the Fortnite map.

Fort-Friend seems like it will be a relatively useful tool for those of you that like completing the weekly Battle Pass challenges. Pair Fort-Friend with fnbr and you should have a nice suite of tools to accomplish any task in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Thoughts on Fort-Friend helping you track weekly Battle Pass challenges? Let me hear them in The Pit below.


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