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Once you’ve advanced a through the main campaign of Destiny 2: Beyond Light Variks will have a few side missions he can give you. One of the missions he will have available for you allows you to acquire the Europa Arms piece. To learn how to complete this side mission use our guide below.

Where to Find Stasis-Sealed Chest in Bray Exoscience

Make your way to the Bray Exoscience building on Europa (west side of Cadmus Ridge). Enter the building head through it until you reach the lab just before the entrance to Eternity. On the left-side of this lab you will find the stasis-sealed chest. Unseal it to get the Aged Armor.

Where to Find Stasis-Sealed Chest in Eternity

image showing the map location of the Stasis-Sealed Chest in Eternity.

Once you have the Aged Armor from the Bray Exoscience building continue into Eternity. Make your way through this area until you reach the room marked on the map above. In this room you will find the Stasis-Sealed Chest on the platform in the center. Jump up to the chest and unseal it to receive another piece of Aged Armor.

After you’ve acquired both of the pieces listed above you will need to return to Variks. Fast travel or backtrack back to him. Speak to Variks to receive the Europa Arms for your class.

This completes the Europa Arms side mission. This is one of many side missions players can complete in the Beyond Light expansion. For more help with these missions consult our Destiny 2: Beyond Light guide and walkthrough.

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