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One of the mysteries in the Rygjafylke territory of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is to fight an NPC named Eric Loyalskull. This NPC is located inside a cave in the mountains. When you encounter them they will ask you to fight them. You can accept or get stronger before taking on the challenge. To help you complete this territory mystery check out our Eric Loyalskull guide below.

Where to Find Eric Loyalskull

Image showing where to find Eric Loyalskull.

Eric Loyalskull can be found inside a cave to the northeast of the Fornburg settlement. Inside the cave at the map location above you will need to complete a few light parkour segments before you reach the area Eric Loyalskull is situated. When you find Eric you can approach and speak to him to learn why he is inside the cave. After he challenges you to a fight you can accept or decline to comeback later. If you accept a fight occurs.

How to Defeat Drengr

Image showing the Drengr Defeated mystery completed.

Accept the fight to trigger a boss fight against Eric. Eric wields dual axes and has a higher health pool than enemies you have faced up to this point. If you feel confident you can face him fairly early as he is a easy fight. Be sure to dodge and followup with attacks often and this fight will be over quickly.

When you defeat Eric you need to interact with his body to confirm the kill. During this confirmation Eivor places Eric’s axe on his chest and wishes him to Valhalla. Once this interaction has occurred you will have completed the Drengr Defeated mystery. For your efforts you receive +1 Rygjafylke Mysteries and some XP.

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