Elephant Rifle – Red Dead Online

The update 1.2 for Red Dead Online introduced a number of new items to the game including a new weapon called the Elephant Rifle. This double-barreled rifle deals some serious kick when fired blasting away anything unfortunate enough to be at the end of its barrels. If you want this crazy weapon for yourself read on to learn how to get the Elephant gun in Red Dead Online.

Where to Get the Elephant Rifle in RDO

Image showing where to get the Elephant Rifle in RDO.

The new Elephant Rifle can be purchased through either the handheld catalogue or the catalogue at the Gunsmith. This weapon is found under the Rifles section where it sells for $580.00. When purchased the gun will be added to your weapon collection. Like other weapons you can upgrade this guns:


  • Barrel.
  • Iron Sights.
  • Stock.
  • Wrap.


  • Metals.
  • Engravings.
  • Wrap.
  • Varnish.

If you just want to make the weapon better from a usefulness perspective focus solely on upgrading the Barrel and Iron Sights. The other categories listed above are simply cosmetic.

As a weapon the Elephant Rifle is far more of a novelty one than one of actual use. This is due to the fact it only has 20 rounds with it. The weapon is also capable of knocking you to the ground when you shoot it if you aren’t in a solid, standing position. Try shooting this bad boy off while crouched to see what I mean.

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