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In Elden Ring‘s Caelid region near the Isolated Merchant’s Shack if you look to the north you will see a great jar guarding a large colosseum building. This big pot is below you and is seemingly inaccessible from the cliffside above. If you can get down to that NPC he will give you a talisman similar to Havel’s Ring. To learn how to do this use our Elden Ring great jar guide below.

Important: Have 2x Stonesword Keys available for use before proceeding.

How to Reach the Great Jar in Caelid

Image showing the map location of the Siofra River Well in Elden Ring.

To reach the big pot you see off the coast of Caelid you want to make your way to the Limgrave location called the Siofra River Well. This location is found on the east side of the Limgrave next to the Minor Erdtree. Inside the building there is an elevator that takes you down to the lower area called Siofra River, which is where we need to be.

At the bottom of the well head northeast, go through the ruins and take the elevator there. Follow the path at the top of the elevator to the east until you reach the Siofra River Bank. From here all you need to do is ride north through the river until you reach the elevator at the very end (see map above). This elevator is activated by spending 2x Stonesword Keys. Spend the keys then ride the elevator up to Caelid.

At the top of the well in Caelid you will find the Deep Siofra Well Site of Grace. From the Site of Grace head along the path going west/northwest. This path takes you directly to the big pot. The map above shows the route you need to follow.

What to Do with the Great Jar

Approach the big pot and you will be prompted to speak. Speak and you will receive a “…” response. After this response three red summon signs appear just along the path next to the pot. Each summon is a duel you must complete. There are three Knight of the Great Jar summons you need to fight. Defeat all three in a row and speak to the Great Jar. It gives you the Great-Jar’s Arsenal Talisman for proving yourself worthy.

The Great-Jar’s Arsenal Talisman vastly increases the maximum equip load equipped. This makes it a potentially useful item for players wanting to do heavy armor and heavy weapon builds. The Great-Jar is standing in front of a large Colosseum. This building lied dormant for some time. This changed with the release of Patch 1.08 in December. This patch introduced PvP battles in these colosseum buildings.

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