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In Elden Ring players can get around the world using a variety of methods. These methods range from simply walking and riding around to more advanced methods like teleportation. One of the areas you can teleport to is the Bestial Sanctum. This Caelid location is home to a merchant that sells you items for Deathroot. To get to this location see our Elden Ring Bestial Sanctum teleporter location guide below.

How to Get to Bestial Sanctum

Go to this spot on your map to find the Bestial Sanctum teleporter.

You can access the Bestial Sanctum at any time during you playthrough in Elden Ring. This location is the northern most point of Caelid. Normally you speak to D and he marks your map for you. This shows the location of the gate that sends you there. With that being said, the gate is active without D’s assistance.

To find the sending gate make your way to the location called Third Church of Marika in Limgrave. At this church leave and head directly northeast. Walk into the river there and go through some bushes. At the end of the river you will find the sending gate. Approach the gate and you are prompted to interact with it. Use the gate to go to the Bestial Sanctum.

Using this gate shortens the time it takes to reach the northern section of Caelid. This is especially useful if you are doing low level runs or other challenge playthroughs.

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