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Doll Puzzles Solutions Shadows of Rose guide.

Midway through the Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose DLC players enter a dollhouse. This dollhouse contains a number of puzzles for players to solve to advance through the main story. One of the puzzles players must solve is completing a few doll displays. To solve these displays the proper dolls must be placed. To help you complete this puzzle use our doll puzzles solutions guide for Shadows of Rose below.

Get Doll Pose 1 (Lucy)

Image showing the location of the Lucy Doll in Shadows of Rose Resident Evil Village.
The location of the Lucy doll.

After you’ve cut open the monkey and gotten the Relief of a Child piece, the room you are in changes. In the center of the room now is a doll display. This display is not our concern at the moment, but must be completed later to get the Fuse Box key.

For now face the doll display and turn left. Walk over to the table and grab the first doll off of it. This doll is called Lucy. Lucy is one of four dolls we need to find and use to complete the different puzzles.

Get Doll Pose 2 (Catherine)

Go through the double doors in the room where you got the Lucy doll. Walk down the hallway until there is a door on your left. This door can be opened using the Relief of a Child piece. Open the door and go into the room.

Inside this room walk forward until you find another doll display. On this display there is a doll. Pick up the doll to collect the doll called Catherine (we will come back to solve this one later). Once you have the Catherine doll go back to the room you got Lucy in.

First Doll Display Solution

Back in the starting room look at the face the display. To the left is a door leading into a clinic. Go through this door and you will find the first display we can complete using the two dolls we picked up. To complete this display place Lucy on the left pedestal and Catherine on the right one. A short sequence will occur and a drawer will open that has Jimmy’s Room Key. Return to the previous room.

Get Doll Pose 3 (Clown)

When facing the display in the room we got Lucy in turn right and walk into the corner. Here you will find a hallway you can go down. Follow the hallway all the way to the very to reach a red door that says Jimmy on it. Open the door using Jimmy’s Room Key.

Head into the room. Destroy the tar and a ladder will appear going down into the well. Go down the ladder to the bottom. At the bottom of the well you will find Doll Pose 3 which looks like a Clown. Take it then backtrack to the room we got Lucy in.

Second Doll Display Solution

Image showing the solution to the doll display 2.
The solution to the second doll puzzle.

Now that we have three dolls we can solve the doll display in the Relief of a Child room. Head back to that room now. To solve the doll display you need to place the dolls in a correct order so they act out the scene of bullying. The correct positioning of the dolls is as follows:

  • Holding fishing pole = Lucy.
  • Holding the gift = Clown.
  • Standing and pointing = Catherine.

When placed correctly your display will look like the screenshot linked above. This will trigger the display and a drawer will open. Inside the drawer is the fourth doll called the Black-haired doll. Take it and all the other dolls and head back to the third, and final, doll display.

Third Doll Display Solution

Now that we have four dolls we can complete the display that lights the fire. To solve this display place the dolls in the following order starting from left-to-right:

  • Lucy on the Lucy labelled plate.
  • Catherine on the plate above Lucy.
  • Clown on the plate with the bundle of wood.
  • Black-haired doll on the last plate.

The screenshot above shows the final solution. When you’ve placed all the dolls a fire will light. Wait for it to burn down. Where the doll on the stake was is now a key. Pick it up to get the Breaker Box Key. Once you pick up the key something will happen and you will be able to advance the story further.

Video Guide

If you read all that and still are confused this video will help. This video, from the HTR YouTube channel, shows how to complete the entire doll puzzle. Follow the video and you will have no problems getting this section done. If you appreciated the video give it a like and consider subscribing for more content like it.

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