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Locker Code Puzzle Solution Shadows of Rose guide.

Once you’ve collected all three masks in Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose you will complete a boss fight. Following this boss fight you enter a new area. In this new area you go to the doll house from the base game. Inside the doll house you need to complete a set of puzzles including opening a locker using a combination. To help you open the locker here’s a quick Locker Code puzzle solution guide for Shadows of Rose.

What is the Locker Code in the Doll House

Upon reaching the bottom section of the doll house you find the Crystal. Before you can grab it it is replaced by a stuffed bear that has something inside of it. To advance through this section you need to find some scissors. These scissors are hidden inside of a locker that requires a combination to solve.

To find the combination for the locker you need to look at the children’s picture on the wall leading into the room that has the locker in it. This picture shows you and some scissors. Rotate so the back is facing you. Read the hint on the back to learn where the combination digits are hidden. The hint says the following:

“The stuffed locker, the picture on the bookshelf, the desk covered in stuff.”

Head into the next room and look at the three locations mentioned in the note. You will find three sets of two digits in all three locations. The digits you find are as follows:

  • Stuffed locker: 02.
  • Picture: 44.
  • Desk covered in stuff: 66.

Take the three digits and make a code out of them. The order is the order in which the note describes each location. That means the locker combination is 02-44-66. Input this code into the locker to gain access to the Scissors item. You can see me opening the Locker using the code here.

Once you have the Scissors back track to the stuffed bear. Use the Scissors on the bear to open it. You will get the Relief of a Child piece. This piece opens locked a door in the doll house. With that piece you can start the Doll puzzles.

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