Devil May Cry 5 Mission 05 Collectibles Locations

In Mission 05 of Devil May Cry 5 players continue to play as V. During this mission there are a few collectibles to be grabbed along the way. Below you will find out the Mission 05 collectibles locations.

Mission 05 Collectibles:

  • 2x Blue Orb Fragment.
  • 1x Purple Orb Fragment.

Blue Orb Fragment 1: Room in Warehouse

Blue Orb Fragment 1 Room in Warehouse
After you drop down, look for this hallway.

Make your way through the underground tunnels until you reach the warehouse. Head through the warehouse until you reach a platform with a number of enemies on it that attack you. Defeat the enemies and drop of the platform. Turn around and go down the hallway to reach a room with the Blue Orb Fragment in it.

Blue Orb Fragment 2: Secret Mission Clear

In the room you dropped down into (before the hallway) summon the Nightmare to have it break down a wall for you. Go into the new area and defeat the enemies. Go up the stairs to the top and stand on the red mark. Lineup the symbols to access the Secret Mission. Complete the Secret Mission to earn the Blue Orb Fragment.

Purple Orb Fragment 1: Small Raised Alcove

After you fight the Empusa Queen make your way through the pathway that opens to you. Head along until you see three burning barrels. Turn around and look up to find the Purple Orb Fragment.

That’s every collectible in Mission 05. Head on over to our DMC5 collectibles guide to find collectibles in other levels.

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