Devil May Cry 5 Mission 04 Collectibles Locations

When you reach Mission 04 in Devil May Cry 5, you will play as a new character called V. V commands three demons on the battlefield. As you playthrough the mission as V, be on the look out for collectibles. This guide will point you to all the Mission 04 collectibles locations.

Mission 04 Collectibles:

  • 6x Purple Orbs can be bought from shop (purchasable at any point during your playthrough).
  • 1x Purple Orb.
  • 2x Blue Orb Fragments.

5x Purple Orbs Now Available in Shop

When you reach Mission 04, you will see Purple Orbs for sale in the shop.

Before you start Mission 04, you will be given a moment to Customize V. In the shop you will notice there are now Purple Orbs for sale. Buying an orb will get you the immediate benefit of +1 to Devil Trigger. When you buy a Purple Orb from the shop, the price will increase as follows:

  • Orb 1: 3500 Red Orbs.
  • Orb 2: 6000 Red Orbs.
  • Orb 3: 9000 Red Orbs.
  • Orb 4: 18000 Red Orbs.
  • Orb 5: 40000 Red Orbs.

After you buy the fifth orb, the Purple Orbs will be sold out. You can buy these Orbs from the shop at anytime.

Purple Orb 1: Right After Train Bridge Collapse

Purple Orb 1 Right After Train Bridge Collapse
You will find this orb as you progress the story.

This Purple Orb is fairly hard to miss. Make your way through the warehouse and down onto the train tracks (have to go this way for the story). Follow the tracks over the bridge until you see a cutscene where the bridge falls out from under you. Straight ahead is the Purple Orb. IMPORTANT: Grab the Nidhogg Hatchling to the left of the Purple Orb (by the falling train car) as we need it for the Secret Mission.

Blue Orb Fragment 1: In Building Nightmare Breaks Out Of

Make Your Way To the Street in Mission 04
Make your way to this street in Mission 04.

Make your way through the warehouse and into the street. Walk along the street until you reach an area where you will be attacked by enemies. In this area you will see a tutorial prompt regarding Devil Trigger Buffs for Shadow and Griffon.

Blue Orb Fragment 1 In Building Nightmare Breaks Out Of
On the second floor of the building Nightmare breaks out of, there is a Blue Orb Fragment.

Instead of doing what the game tells you to do, press L1/LB to summon Nightmare. When Nightmare is summoned it jumps out of a wall of a building nearby. There is a Blue Orb Fragment in the building Nightmare jumps out of. You can get into the building by jumping on the dumpster nearby.

Blue Orb Fragment 2: Behind Locked Gate

Blue Orb Fragment 2 Behind Locked Gate
Behind the locked gate is the next Blue Orb Fragment.

To get this Blue Orb Fragment we need a Nidhogg Hatchling. We picked one up before the Purple Orb, but we will need another. Inside the building you found Blue Orb Fragment 1, make your way into the back alley (door to the right of stairs) behind it to grab another Nidhogg Hatchling. Take the Nidhogg Hatchling out of the building and go down the road that was previously closed off during the fight in the street. Walk down the street until you see a white van on your right. To the left of this van is a gate. Use the Nidhogg on the gate to open it and grab the Blue Orb Fragment behind it.

Blue Orb Fragment 3: Complete the Secret Mission

The final Blue Orb Fragment is yours for completing the Secret Mission in Mission 04. The entrance to the Secret Mission can be found to the left of Blue Orb Fragment 2. There is a Nidhogg Door you need to unlock. Use the Nidhogg we collected earlier to unlock the door. Go inside the room and up the stairs. Jump up through the hole in the floor and stand on the red dot by the window. Look out to find the Secret Mission. Complete the Secret Mission to earn the Blue Orb Fragment.

That’s it for collectibles in Mission 04. Find every collectible in DMC5 using our collectibles guide here. You can also check out other things like the game’s trophy list.

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