Detective Pikachu Guide: Find the Necklace! Case

Detective Pikachu Guide - Find the Necklace

After solving the whereabouts of the thieving Aipom, we arrive in the Park only to find that the Aipom is unconscious under a tree and the necklace is missing. Since this is a peculiar situation, it’s up to us to figure out where the necklace went. Let’s the Find the necklace and close this case.

Examine Location

Detective Pikachu Guide - Find the Necklace

The Park is a bit different than the previous location we were in, as it is more open and has a number witnesses to speak to in it. When we arrive in the Park we are going to need to examine the location to look for clues. There are a number of clues to find and I will list them all below.

Aipom: Examine the unconscious Aipom to learn some interesting tidbits.

  • It’s got a lot of fine scratches all over (possibly from a fight).
  • Under the body is a black feather
  • Leaves by the body
  • Ketchup and spice Berry
  • Today’s Newspaper
  • Soft-drink can

After you’ve gathered these clues, you will be prompted to use your deduction skills.


Detective Pikachu Guide - Find the Necklace

The deduction phase for this case file involves selecting the proper clues in the right order. Since the idea we are going with is that Aipom was attacked, you need to place the items in the order of the attack occurring. The first clue to explore is the Black Feather.

Black Feather>A Pokemon with feathers = Who is the owner of the black feather memo?

Unlocking the who is the owner of the black feather memo opens up the Park and gives you access to a number of testimonies and pokemon. Interact with the unconscious Aipom and you will carry it to a bench in the other park area. Are ultimate goal in this area is to find the Pokemon the Black Feather belongs to.

Witness Interviews: Who is the Owner of the Black Feather? (Find 4 Feathers)

Detective Pikachu Guide - Find the Necklace

The Park is broken up into three areas: The Fountain area, the nature area, and the cafe area. Each area features a number of witnesses to talk to as well as Pokemon. Our goal here is to collect four feathers to compare our black feather to. The feathers you are looking for are highlighted below with the (Evidence) tag. Like my previous guide I will be completely breaking down each area below.

Fountain area: The Area You Start In

Cleaning Woman (Testimony)

  • About the black feather = “It seems like it came from a bird pokemon. That’s all I can tell.”
  • About bird pokemon = “There are four kinds-the park is divided into three areas, and each area has a different assortment of bird pokemon living in it.”
    • About pokemon in the fountain area = “We have Pidove here in the fountain area. They often play around the fountain.”
    • About pokemon in the cafe area = “Taillow is in the cafe area. I always see them preening their feathers.”
    • About pokemon in the nature area = “That would be Starly and Murkrow.”
      • Talk about the trash (after learn about the Burmy).

Sweater Vest Guy (Testimony)

  • About the black feather = “Hmm. “
  • About the Aipom = “Haven’t seen anything. We done? I’m busy.”
  • About the man’s actions = “I’m looking for something, I seem to have dropped my precious pen.”

Suit Guy

  • About the Aipom = “No, sorry. I didn’t notice anything. I’ve been feeding the Pidove the whole time.”
  • About the black feather = “Hmm…Sorry, I don’t. Although the backside of Pidove looks black.”
  • About the necklace = “No I haven’t seen it. Did you lose it around here?”
  • About the Pidove (after you scare away the Pidove) = “Well, if I scatter food for them, I think they’ll come to me. The Pidove are used to me. You can get (food) at the cafe in this park.”

Pidove (Pokemon)

  • Will fly away when you try to interact with them.
  • To get them to return, buy food from the Cafe.
  • Give the food to the suit guy and the Pidove will return.
  • Receive Pidove’s feather (Evidence) for talking to them when they return.

Soccer Kid

  • About the Aipom = “A fight? I didn’t notice anything like that. I’ve been practising my passing with Scraggy here for quite a while.”
  • About the black feather = “It’s pitch-black, huh? I feel like I’ve seen it somewhere, but I dunno.”
  • About the necklace = “Nope!”
  • About the Poochyena = “Poochyena? Haven’t seen it come this way.”
    • Ask about the Burmy (after learning about it)
    • Ask about the ball


  • Nothing of interest


  • Collect all four feathers and interrogate Murkrow.
  • Interact with tree and Burmy will appear.
  • About the necklace = Remembers being in a fight, but doesn’t remember a necklace.
  • About the fight with Aipom = There was a fight and one of the Burmy was involved (it ran away).

Cafe Area: Area to the RIght of Fountain

Detective Pikachu Guide - Find the Necklace

The Cafe area is located to the right of the Fountain area. Here you will find a cafe, some pokemon and a number of witnesses. Let’s make our way over there now.

Old man

  • About the Aipom = “Oh, was there a fight? I don’t know about today, but the Aipom have seemed to feel inferior since Mightyena started living in the park. They’ve really started to cut loose in areas without Mightyena. They play so many pranks that it has led to more and more fights.”
  • About the black feather = “Maybe Taillow? Well, hmm… I feel like maybe I’ve seen one where the pond is, on the opposite side of the park… I’m not sure.”

Man in Green Shirt

  • About the necklace = “Something you lost? I haven’t seen any necklaces in this park except for the one she’s wearing.”
  • About the black feather = “The Taillow around here are kind of black. But maybe the Taillow feathers are more beautiful. They are always preening, so there are lots of feathers lying around when they are done.”

Woman in White Shirt

  • About the necklace = “A necklace? I have one on myself. Is this what you mean? Oh. Sorry, but I haven’t seen it.”
  • About the black feather = ” Maybe Taillow? They must fly around here. I do think black feathers are pretty.”


  • Place an order =  Makes Pokemon Slurpuff appear
    • About the coffee = Nothing
  • About the black feather = “Hmm, well, Murkrow is dark black. As is the backside of Pidove. And Taillow’s feathers are pretty dark, too.”

Slurpuff (Pokemon)

  • Basically nothing of importance here

Tepig (Pokemon)

  • Hiding in a dark green bush to the right of the old man.
  • Nothing of importance here.

Taillow (Pokemon)

  • About the necklace = hasn’t seen it
  • About the black feather = “It says it doesn’t want its pretty feathers to be touched by our dirty hands.”
  • After talking to Taillow, leave the area and return to see it on a table. Interact with the table to get the Taillow Feather (Evidence). 

Lake Area: Area to the Left of the Fountain Area

Detective Pikachu Guide - Find the Necklace

Guy in Hat (Testimony)

  • Show him black feather = “It’s pitch-black, huh? Maybe it’s that one’s? But there are other black-colored ones. I don’t know.”
  • About the Starly = “They always form a group of three and fly around this area. They land on branches or on top of the table there.”
  • About the Murkrow = “Yeah, they seem to fly around during the day, but they are often gone. I sometimes see them fighting with Aipom.”
    • About the Aipom = “Look, it’s up in the tree over there. It won’t come down while poochyena is there. The Poochyena recently settled in the park, and ever since then, it’s been like this.”


  • Ask them about the Black Feather and they will give you Starly Feather (evidence).

Aipom in Tree (Pokemon)

  • Trapped in tree by Poochyena.
  • Can’t be reached until you find other Poochyena.
  • Once found you can talk to it.
  • About the Aipom in front of the station = Stuck in tree all day and doesn’t know.
  • About Murkrow’s nest = The thick tree near the pond.
  • About the black feather = Murkrow
    • About fighting with the Murkrow = Murkrow and Aipom have been fighting a lot in the park.

Finding the Poochyena

Detective Pikachu Guide - Find the Necklace

Head past the Starlys and talk to the Mightyena in the Park (far left area close to the dead end), you will learn that there’s a Poochyena missing. We should find out that the other Poochyena wont sleep without it and is keeping another Aipom in a tree. To find the Poochyena, head to the Cafe area and look for the dark green bush to the left of the old man (see picture above). Interact with the bush to have the Poochyena appear.


  • Nest in thick tree by Lake
  • Interact to trigger QTE.
  • Climb tree to get Murkrow feather (Evidence), there’s a match.
  • Interrogate Murkrow to learn about the Burmy by the fountain.

Find the missing Burmy

Now that we now the Black feather belongs to Murkrow, it’s time to learn a bit more about what happened. To do this, make your way back to the Fountain Area and shake the tree beside where you found the unconscious Aipom. A Burmy will appear and talk to you. By talking with the Burmy, you will learn that there was a fight and another Burmy was involved and has run away.

The Runaway Burmy can be found in the tree near the Cafe. You won’t be able to talk to the Burmy because it is being protected by a Wormadam We need to gather evidence to use against them. Talk to the woman in the white shirt about Burmy and she will tell you to talk to the old man. Talk to the old man and he will tell you about the different types of Burmy cloaks.

With this information, head to the fountain area and talk to the boy playing soccer. He will tell you that the soccer ball hit a Burmy and broke its cloak. Continue past the fountain and you will be prompted to talk to the man who lost his pen. We learn that the pen was lost during the fight and will probably be found in the Burmy’s cloak. This will prompt a cutscene with Burmy and the pen. This triggers the Why did it become Trash Cloak form? memo.

Why did it become Trash Cloak form?

Detective Pikachu Guide - Find the Necklace

The answer to this question is fairly simple. The loose Leaves at the crime scene implies that the cloak was lost and the Burmy got into the trash and adopted a new cloak. To answer the deduction, place the Leaves and the testimony of the cleaning lady together. This triggers a cutscene and you should select the Leaves as the evidence. Once done, you will receive the Necklace. What a long journey!

Tim and Pikachu will return the necklace to the girl and we learn about that Detective Pikachu is your dad’s partner. He invites you to come to the Baker Detective Agency where you will learn more about what happened to your dad.

Baker Detective Agency

After you’ve completed the first case in the Detective Pikachu, you will head off to the Baker Detective Agency. In this area you can ask your Dad’s associates a few questions about your Dad’s disappearance. Once done, you can leave the agency and start Chapter 2. This will take you to Detective Pikachu’s apartment.

Next Case: Detective Pikachu Escape the Cave case

That’s all for the Find the Necklace case. What Did you think of this guide? Let us know in The Pit below.


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