Detective Pikachu Guide: Escape From the Cave Case

Escape From the Cave

After completing the Find the Necklace case in Detective Pikachu, you will be taken to the Baker Detective Agency. This is the old agency your father worked out of and features a number of interesting tidbits of story (by talking to characters here). Once complete, make your way to the exit and you will head to the apartment. This must be done to unlock the next case, Escape from the cave.


Upon leaving the Baker Detective Agency, you will head to your dad’s/Pikachu’s apartment. At this time you will have no active cases so the goal here is to find evidence of your father’s disappearance. There are a number of points of interest in the apartment that I will list below:

  • Carpet
  • TV
  • Kitchen
  • Desk 
  • Bed
  • Bulletin Board
  • Locked Closet by Bed (Clue)
    • Harry at home (text choice)
      • Key is hidden in Candy Jar on shelf above TV.
      • Closet contains a number of Harry’s notes and a map. Map leads us to to Litwick Cave.

Litwick Cave

When you arrive in Litwick Cave, you will be prompted to complete a QTE event. This event involves a Glalie and involves three sequences to complete. During the sequence, the entrance to the cave will become blocked (this is part of the case). Once complete you will meet Meiko and Emilia, two investigative news anchors from GNN. They, like you, are trapped inside the cave and need to get out. This triggers the Escape From the Cave case!

Escape From the Cave

  1. Head towards cave entrance (left) and interact with Litwicks there to illuminate the cave.
  2. Head deeper into the cave (right) to have Pikachu point out the atrium and the possibility of getting out via a flying pokemon.
  3. Talk to Meiko about Pokemon in cave. They want to use the video on the camera to find out which Pokemon are in the cave. Problem is the battery is dead and the replacement battery is in a bag that’s missing.
  4. Bag is found near the entrance (left) in the pile of boulders beside the destroyed sign. Move the rocks to reveal the bag.
  5. Return the bag to Meiko and you will be prompted to watch a video. In the video we see some Drifloon and a Drifblim. The Drifblim is our ticket out of here.
  6. Head deeper into the cave (right) and interact with the Litwick here. It will illuminate more of the cave.
  7. Continue heading deeper and you will reach the Glalie. Talk to it to learn a bit about it going berserk. Ask it why it’s tired and you will offer to bring it some water (later). Light the Litwick nearby.
  8. Grab the frozen Drifloon and carry it to the two Litwicks you interacted with in 1. This will melt the ice and free Drifloon.
  9. Head back past where you found the frozen Drifloon and you will see two Litwicks on a ledge high above. Try interacting with them. They can’t hear you. We need a pokemon to help us. Head back to the Drifloon you thawed and ask it to help. The Drifloon will wake them up.
  10. Continue deeper into the cave and you will see three Noibats. Talk to them to trigger the Which tunnel is Drifblim in memo.
  11. Complete the Drifblim memo (see below)

Which tunnel is Drifblim in?


  1. Talk to the left Noibat to learn that the Pokemon in each tunnel are different.
  2. Head to the right of the Noibats and light the final Litwick. This will illuminate a river. Interact with it to get a bottle of spring water. Take the bottle to Glalie.
  3. Ask Glalie about the Pokemon in the different tunnels. It hasn’t been in the tunnels, so it doesn’t know.
  4. Talk to the Drifloon about the Pokemon in the different tunnels. It lives in the one next to Litwick.
  5. Talk to all Litwicks and ask it about the Pokemon in the different Tunnels. We learn:
    • It feels safe inside its tunnel because of the Noibats (Litwick by Glalie).
    • The Noibats head out to look for food once the morning comes (Litwick by River).
    • The Litwick don’t like the cold so they congregate at the far-left hole. (Litwick to right of reporters). 
  6.  Open Case Notes and solve the memo by placing the Litwick’s  far-left hole testimony on the left hole, the Drifloon testimony on the middle hole, and the Noibat testimony on the right hole. You then need to match the Pokemon to their respective homes (order: Litwick/Drifloon/Drifblim).
  7. You will automatically head back and talk to the Noibat at the far-right tunnel.
  8. Drifblim agrees to help us, but needs a strong breeze.
  9. Check the river to find out the breeze is coming from that direction.
  10. Talk to Meiko and Emilia about the wind & river.
  11. Accept prompt from Pikachu about the river and answer, freeze it.
  12. Ask Glalie to freeze the river (have to have given it water first).
  13. Walk across the ice pathway to find a blocked air passage. Take to Pikachu about opening it and select make a tool. This will trigger the What could spread open the hole in the wall memo.

What could spread open the hole in the wall?

To make the pickaxe, we need to collect material from inside the cave. There are three items to grab to do this. These items are:

  • Wood from the sign (beside entrance) = Wooden Stick.
  • Rock to the right of the reporters (near Drifblim) = Sharp Rock.
  • Talk to Emilia (reporter) = Belt.

Combined the three materials on the memo screen to make the pickaxe. The order of parts is wood for handle, belt for connector, and sharp rock for the pointy side. Take the pickaxe and open the air hole. Head back to where Emilia is. Talk to Drifblim to complete the Case.

Hi-Hat Cafe

Detective Pikachu Guide - Chapter 2 Hi-Hat Cafe

After completing the case, you will meet up with Pikachu at the Hi-Hat Cafe. There is a brief cutscene involving Pikachu drinking coffee and then you are free to explore. There are a couple of people and Pokemon you can talk to here. Once done, leave the cafe to continue the story and get started on the next case.

Next Case: Detective Pikachu Look for the Vial Case

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