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Detective Pikachu Guide Look For the Vial Case - Enter PCL 0

Detective Pikachu Guide: Look For the Vial Case

After escaping from the cave in chapter 2, you will return to the Baker Detective Agency where you announce you’ve taken on a part-time job with a Pokemon Research Lab (called PCL). This job is all part of a larger...

Escape From the Cave 0

Detective Pikachu Guide: Escape From the Cave Case

After completing the Find the Necklace case in Detective Pikachu, you will be taken to the Baker Detective Agency. This is the old agency your father worked out of and features a number of interesting tidbits of story (by talking...

Detective Pikachu Guide - Find the Necklace 0

Detective Pikachu Guide: Find the Necklace! Case

After solving the whereabouts of the thieving Aipom, we arrive in the Park only to find that the Aipom is unconscious under a tree and the necklace is missing. Since this is a peculiar situation, it’s up to us to...