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In Destroy All Humans (2020) there are a few bosses you will need to fight to complete the main story. These boss fights take place across a few of the last levels and are indicated by top health bars. When you enter a fight with a boss it is rather obvious. With that said to keep track of all fights available consult the Destroy All Humans (2020) boss list below.

Destroy All Humans (2020) Boss Fights

There are a total of three bosses players will need to fight in the main story of Destroy All Humans (2020). These bosses all follow similar patterns with each essentially have three health bars and three phases in each fight. The bosses you will fight are listed in chronological order below.


Image showing the Robo-Armquist boss in Destroy All Humans (2020).

The Robo-Armquist boss can be found at the tail end of Mission 18: Armquist VS. The Furons in Union Town. Once you’ve defeated the soldiers inside the warehouse meeting place you will leave and encounter the Robo-Armquist boss. This boss is all on foot where you will need to strip three health bars down to finish the fight. For completing this boss fight you will earn the Unilateral Disarmament achievement/trophy.


Image showing the Robo-Prez boss in Destroy All Humans (2020).

You will fight the boss Robo-Prez during the start of Mission 22: Attack of the 50-Foot President in Capitol City. This boss is a giant robot you will fight using your saucer. Like the previous boss fight you will need to deplete three health bars in order to finish the fight. Once this fight is over you will land the saucer and head to a new area where you will trigger the boss fight with Silhouette. For defeating Robo-Prez you earn the Impeached achievement/trophy.


Image showing the Silhouette boss in Destroy All Humans (2020).

The final boss you will fight in Destroy All Humans (2020) is Silhouette. Silhouette is the mysterious leader of Majestic. After the revelation that Silhouette is actually a woman and you take down the Robo-Prez you will face this boss in the final section of the game. Like the other two bosses in the game Silhouette has three health bars you need to deplete to defeat her. Once Silhouette is defeated you will watch a brief cinematic and the game’s credits will roll. For defeating Silhouette you unlock the For the Glory of the Furon Empire achievement/trophy.

That’s the bosses you will fight in the 2020 remake of Destroy All Humans. These bosses all occur naturally during the main missions of the game so there is nothing you really need to do to fight them. Keep in mind some of the fights are rather long 5+ minutes as the bosses can be a touch tanky with their three health bars.

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