Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Jade Rabbit Collectibles Locations

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In Destiny 2: Shadowkeep there is a new collectible item that is Jade Rabbit figures. These figures are spread throughout the Moon and are recognizable by their glowing eyes. These figures appear to be tied to a room in Sanctuary. To help you locate these Jade Rabbits, use our Jade Rabbit collectibles locations guide below.

Note: Guide is updating.

Where to Find Jade Rabbit Room?

Image showing where to find the Jade Rabbit Room in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.

In the room directly under fast travel spawn in Sanctuary you will find a special Jade Rabbit room. Inside this room there is an image of a Jade Rabbit on the far wall. On the walls leading to this image there are 10 plates. These plates appear to be where the Jade Rabbits end up when they are collected.

What to do With Jade Rabbits?

Image showing what to do with Jade Rabbits.

The Jade Rabbit collectibles can be interacted with if you have a Small Rice Cake consumable in your inventory. This random drop is very rare, so you will need to spend a ton of time farming 10x of it. Once you’ve offered a Small Rice Cake to a Jade Rabbit, it will disappear and reappear inside the Jade Rabbit room.

Jade Rabbit Locations Map

Image showing the Jade Rabbit Locations Map.

There appears to be a total of 10 Jade Rabbits to find on the Moon. The locations of these 10 Jade Rabbits can be found on the map above. Map is Updating.

Jade Rabbit 1: Sorrow’s Harbor

Image showing where to find Jade Rabbit 1: Sorrow's Harbor.

In the Sorrow’s Harbor are of the Moon you will find this Jade Rabbit beside some old columns to the north of the H in the Sorrow’s Harbor on your map.

Jade Rabbit 2: Sorrow’s Harbor

Image showing the Jade Rabbit 4: Sorrow's Harbor.

Inside the Data room in the S1 Revelation Lost Sector you will find this Jade Rabbit. It is sitting on a chair next to the console. This room is accessible during the Memory of Sai Mota side mission.

Jade Rabbit 3: Hellmouth

Image showing the location of the Jade Rabbit in Hellmouth.

This Jade Rabbit can be found on the cliffside to the north of the In Search of Answers marker in Hellmouth. You will find it on a chair by a tent.

Jade Rabbit 4: Archer’s Line

Image showing the location of the Jade Rabbit in the Archer's Line.

In the Archer’s Line area there is a domed building to the east of the rail line. Inside this domed building is a Jade Rabbit behind the large box in the corner.

Have you found any Jade Rabbit collectibles? Let me know where you found them in the comments below and I will add them to the list above. What do you think these mysterious items do? Let me know!

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