Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Essence of Failure

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In Destiny 2: Shadowkeep there are a number of Essences for players to cleanse in order to unlock different weapons and armor pieces. These Essences typically involve completing certain challenges then finding an item in the world. Today we will be looking at the Essence of Failure.

Activities Completed

One of the challenges for players to complete in the Essence of Failure is to complete activities. This is objective is rather straightforward, simply complete Public Events, Lost Sectors, and Patrols to easily complete this first objective.

Get 50 Auto Rifle Kills

The next objective is to get 50 Auto Rifle Kills. This is fairly straightforward. Simply equip an Auto Rifle and get killing enemies. Combine this with completing activities to speed up the process.

Find the Captive Cord

Image showing the Captive Cord location.

The final objective is to find the Captive Cord. This weapon part item can be found in the Lunar Battlegrounds (very start of the Moon) which is accessible through the southeast exit in Sorrow’s Harbor. You will find this part on the top of the building to the right of the large domed building in this area.

Craft the Arc Logic

Image showing the Arc Logic.

Once you’ve completed the above mentioned objectives, return to Sanctuary and interact with the Lectern of Enchantment. Craft the Arc Logic with the Essence. Enjoy your new Auto Rifle.

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