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In the story of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep you will reach a point where you must cleanse a number Essence items in order to craft the Dreambane Armor Set. One Essence you need to cleanse is the Essence of Isolation. This Essence of Isolation tasks you with defeating 100 Fallen on the Moon. Below I will show you the best location to do this.

Archer’s Landing Fallen

Image showing the Archer's Landing Fallen location.

The area with the most Fallen spawns is Archer’s Landing. This area is located on the westside of the Moon. Here you will find a ton of Fallen in spawns, World Events, and the Lost Sector here. If you make your way to the Archer’s Landing area you will easily cleanse the Essence of Isolation in less than 15 Minutes.

Craft Dreambane Grips

Image showing the Dreambane Grips.

Once you’ve killed 100 Fallen return to Sanctuary and interact with the Lectern of Enchantment to craft the Dreambane Grips. These gauntlets must be crafted as part of a broader Shadowkeep story mission.

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