Destiny 2: Mars Synchronization Guide

When you complete the Cornerstone mission for Saint-14 you unlock the Tower obelisk. From this obelisk you can complete synchronization missions for Saint-14 on each obelisk you’ve unlocked so far. I’ve thrown together a guide for each. Below you will find the Mars Synchronization guide.

NOTE: Purchase Timelost Friend consumables from the Tower obelisk to lower the time it takes to complete the Timelost weapon bounties.

Reset Planet Obelisks at Tower Obelisk

Before you can start these missions for Saint-14 you first need to reset the obelisks you currently have active. To do this simply interact with the Tower obelisk and reset the obelisks to receive the synchronization quests for it.

Complete Mars Obelisk Timelost Weapon Bounty

Image showing the Mars obelisk Weapons' Bounty in Destiny 2.

To complete the Mars Synchronization mission you need to complete an Mars Timelost Weapon Bounty from the Mars Obelisk. To get access to a Timelost bounty you need to level up the obelisk to Resonance 1. Once this is done you will be able to accept a Timelost bounty. Since each bounty has a random objective I can’t really help you there, but remember to pop the Timelost Friend consumable when you take on your bounty to help speed your progress gain towards completing it. Also note that Mars has the Escalation Protocol on it which features a number of enemies. Use this to your advantage while completing your bounty.

Once you’ve completed a Timelost Bounty open your quest screen and redeem the bounty you completed. After the bounty is turned in you will unlock the next portion of the quest which is called Connection.

How to Complete Mars: Connection

Image showing how to complete the Mars connection in Destiny 2.

Return to The Tower and you will see a glowing portion of the Tower obelisk. Approach this portion and you will be prompted to place something on it. Do this now. With the Mars obelisk connected you can then select it as a connection from the Tower obelisk. This means you can easily pick the rewards for the Sundial from a central location. This ends the Mars Synchronization mission.

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