Destiny 2: How to Get Old Exotics (Beyond Light Onward)

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The Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion brings a number of new changes to the Destiny 2 experience players have come to know and love. These changes include major shifts in the game with none being larger than vaulting content into the Destiny Content Vault. To prevent the game from growing too large, Bungie will periodically vault content.. This vaulting removes things like planets and quests associated with them. One repercussion of this vaulting is the removal of older Exotics. Thankfully there is now a method of getting Exotics you may have missed. Learn more on how to get old Exotics in Destiny 2 below.

Meet The Monument of Lost Lights Exotic Archive

Starting on November 10th, players must actively utilize a newly introduced terminal, part of the Beyond Light update, to obtain old Exotic items. You can find this fresh terminal, named the ‘Monument to Lost Lights Exotic Archive,’ within the Tower. It boasts captivating golden adornments and subtly fits between the Vault terminals in the Courtyard landing zone.

When you engage with this terminal, it will display a list of old Exotic items that are currently unavailable in the game. Unlocking these vintage Exotics involves various costs. You can secure these vaulted Exotics by actively crafting a unique recipe, as they lack a clear acquisition path.. This recipe includes a combination of Glimmer, destination materials, Masterworking materials, Exotic Ciphers, Ascendant Shards, and the newly introduced Spoils of Conquest material, which is a reward for completing Raids.

The previous difficulty of acquiring the exotic determines the ‘recipe’ of materials you will need to provide. Harder, more time intensive Exotics will have more demanding recipes. This means you will still need to put time in to acquire materials, but you will have more avenues of acquiring the materials themselves.

That’s all you need to know to get old Exotics in Destiny 2. This new system means it is possible to acquire Exotics may have missed or forgot about before the vaulting occurred.

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