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Destiny 2 is currently running a Halloween event called Festival of the Lost. In this event players attempt to traverse a Haunted Forest as far as they can in 15 minutes. To help you complete this event, check out our Festival of the Lost guide below.


  • There are two currencies for this event: Candy and Chocolate Strange Coin.
    • Candy: Random drop off all enemy types.
    • Chocolate Strange Coin: Bounty rewards and The Haunted Forest completion tokens.
  • Weeklies tied to the event:
    • 25 Terrors defeated (Tier 3).
    • Ninth Branch cleared in single run (Pinnacle).

How to Complete Festival of the Lost

Image showing Eva Levante in Destiny 2.

When you arrive at The Tower you will notice a new NPC called Eva Levante has moved in. Speak to Eva Levante to start the Festival of the Lost event. This event takes place on Mars. To start the event you need to purchase a Masquerader’s Cowl from Eva Lavente for 100 Glimmer. Do this now. Once you purchase the mask (helmet), you will get a new objective.

Eva Levante also acts as a merchant. Here’s what she sells:

Mask Ornaments

  • Hidden Swarm Mask (10 Chocolate Strange Coin).
  • Goblin Mask (20 Chocolate Strange Coin).
  • Mithrax Mask (30 Chocolate Strange Coin).
  • Opulent Calus Mask (40 Chocolate Strange Coin).
  • Drifter Mask (50 Chocolate Strange Coin).


  • Braytech Werewolf Auto Rifle (Master of Disguise Triumph + 1000 Candy).
  • Braytech Werewolf Auto Rifle Random Roll (Braytech Werewolf + 250 Candy + 5,000 Glimmer + 5 Legendary Shards).
  • 3x Energy Type Masquerader’s Cowl (100 Glimmer).
  • Epic Mystery Grab Bag (25 Chocolate Strange Coin + 300 Candy).
  • Mystery Grab Bag (150 Candy).

The Haunted Forest

Image showing The Haunted Forest quest on the map.

Equip the Masquerader’s Cowl and open your map. On the map of the Tower you will see a new quest called The Haunted Forest. Start the quest.

The Haunted Forest is relatively straightforward quest. You have 15 minutes to clear as many branches as possible of the Halloween themed Infinite Forest. To clear branches you progress through the twisting Infinite Forest killing enemies. Once you’ve killed a number of enemies you will be transported to a boss fight with a Terror. Defeat the Terror to start the next branch. Once your 15 minutes are up you will be teleported to a room with a chest in it. Note you can fall through the floor here so be careful.

Upon completing your first run through of The Haunted Forest with the Masquerader’s Cowl equipped you will complete the quest objective for Levante. Return to her on the Tower to get a Goody Bag.

This concludes The Haunted Forest quest that Levante sends you on. The nice thing about this event is you can replay as much as you’d like to earn both currencies. If there is a mask of weapon you want from Levante, farm The Haunted Forest until you can get it. Good luck

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