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This week Bungie added a new Exotic quest to Destiny 2 for players to complete. The quest is called Bird of Prey. Completing this Exotic quest from the Crow will reward you with a new vehicle. For help completing this quest use our Destiny 2 Bird of Prey guide below.

Note: This mission has a recommended power of 1270. It is hard to complete solo.

How to Start Bird of Prey

Make your way to the Tangled Shore and visit Spider’s Safehouse. Inside the safehouse speak to the Crow. The Crow will have an Exotic quest for you called Bird of Prey. This quest has the following description:

In the Age of Darkness, Lightbearers would seek guidance in the shadow of the Traveler, hoping for a vision or guidance. It never came. Now, in our hour of need, it feels as though the Traveler finally hears us.


When ready claim the quest to have it added to your quest inventory. This will trigger the first quest step which is to Enter the Harbinger Activity.

Step 1: Enter the Activity Harbinger

Image showing the fireplace in Destiny 2.

The Harbinger Activity can be found on the EDZ in the house that leads to the Reservoir of Trostland. Make your way to the second floor of the old building and enter the fireplace. Here there is a box on your left. Shoot the box with Hawkmoon then interact with it to start the Harbinger activity. This will take you to your instance of the Reservoir level.

Step 2: Hunt the Emissaries

Image showing where to go in the laptop room in Destiny 2.

Walk forward through the fireplace and follow the path that leads you deeper until you reach a room with a chair and a laptop. About halfway in this room on your right there is a space in the wall you can walk through. Go through this space and follow the path until you reach a door and enter The Reservoir. Open the door by interacting with the panel on its left and go through it. Follow the path until you are outside.

Image showing the first jump section in the Reservoir Destiny 2.

Outside you will see some pipes you can walk along and a Taken on a ledge. Defeat the Taken and platform to the ledge it was on. From this ledge look to the left and you will find a tree that is horizontal on the cliff face. Jump to the tree and land on it.

Image showing the dam ledge in Destiny 2.

Walk to the end of the tree and look down at the dam. You will see a ledge running along the bottom you can jump to. Walk along the ledge on the dam until you are about halfway.

Image showing how to enter the Dam in Destiny 2.

At the halfway point look to your left and you will see two obvious ledges. Walk up to the ledge and jump onto the bottom one and then up to the top one. From here walk along the edge so you can see a sort of metal hatch that is open. Jump up to this hatch to enter a walkway inside the dam.

Inside the dam follow the path until you reach a large open room that is home to the dam’s power generation. In this room you will need to fight the three emissary enemies: a Wizard, a Centurion, and a Captain. Each time you lower one of the emissary’s health to about half that enemy will retreat through a blight guarded door. Shoot the blight and follow it through the door then defeat it. Do this for all three emissaries and you will trigger the next objective to Follow the Hawk.

Step 3: Follow the Hawk

Follow the Hawk to reach the boss room from the Crow’s Nest mission. This boss room is home to a new objective which is to survive waves of enemies. Given the 1270 Recommended Level this section of the mission is very hard to complete. You will most likely need a group to complete this portion.

After surviving the waves a new path will appear that takes you back to the Hawkmoon mission area. Here you will follow the main path through the area until you reach the Hawkmoon boss area. In this area you will need to fight the Akorith, Lightdrinker of Savathun. Once this boss is defeated approach the chest that drops and open it. You will receive the Hawkmoon Catalyst and 2x randomly rolled Hawkmoon for your efforts. You will also unlock The Harbringer triumph on first clear.

More: Video of Esoterrick soloing the mission.

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