Control Outfits List

In Control you play the Jesse. Jesse is a civilian turned Director turned crazy super powerful person. If you look at Jesse and think, I wish I could change her outfit, I have news for you. You can! Below is our complete Control outfits list.

How to Change Jesse’s Outfit

Image showing how to change Jesse's outfit.

The outfit Jesse wears can be changed at the Central Executive Control Point. Simply interact this Control Point and select the Outfits option to open the list of available outfits for Jesse. Check out the different outfits Jesse can wear below.

Control Outfits

There are a number of DLC and story related outfits for players to purchase/find. These outfits are as follows:

Civilian (Story)

Image showing the Civilian outfit in Control.

This is the outfit you start the game in. Nothing else needed here.

Candidate P7 (Story)

Image showing the Candidate P7 outfit in Control.

Can be found hanging up in the P7 room during The Face of the Enemy mission. Simply interact with it to add it to your available outfits.

Office Assistant (Story)

Image showing the Office Assistant outfit.

You will unlock this outfit at the start of the Taking Control mission. Jesse is wearing this outfit during the mission.

Director’s Suit (Story)

Image showing the Director's Suit outfit.

To unlock this outfit simply complete the storyline of Control. This means completing the Taking Control mission.

Golden Suit (Complete Luck & Probability Puzzle)

Image showing the Golden Suit.

In the Luck & Probability room there is a roulette table puzzle. To complete this puzzle you need to set the luck in your favor using various items throughout the room. Hit 7 and win the Golden Suit.

Urban Response (Deluxe Edition)

Image showing the Urban Response outfit.

This outfit is part of the Deluxe Edition of Control.

Tactical Response (Preorder)

Image showing the Tactical Response outfit.

This outfit was a preorder incentive.

Astral Dive (PS4 Exclusive)

Image showing the Astral Dive outfit.

This outfit is a PS4 exclusive outfit.

This concludes our Control outfits list. Let me know which outfit you like the best in The Pit below. Thanks for reading!


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  1. Jose says:

    You missed arguably the best outfit in the game, the Asynchronous Suit. You get that from from completing the “Self-Reflection” mission

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