Borderlands 3: VIP Tower Crew Challenges Guide

Near the end of the Borderlands 3 DLC you will arrive inside the VIP Tower. This large tower houses the VIP guests of the hotel. In this swanky area you will find three Crew Challenges to complete. To help you complete these challenges use our VIP Tower Crew Challenges guide below.

VIP Tower Crew Challenges Locations Map

As mentioned above there are a total of three Crew Challenges for players to complete in this area. Thankfully all of the Crew Challenges can be found on the first floor before the elevator. To see exact locations use the map above. For more information on each challenge continue reading below.

Mayor’s Killer Look Location: Loco Chantelle in Lobby

Image showing the location of Loco Chantelle in Borderlands 3.

In the northeast corner of the lobby you will find the Loco Chantelle enemy. Defeat this enemy to complete the Mayor’s Killer Look for this area.

Pieces of Resistance Location: On Top of Ledge

Image showing the Pieces of Resistance location in VIP Towers.

In the southwest corner of the lobby area with the elevator you will find this statue to blow up. Note to reach the ledge using the stair railing to jump up to the hedge then up to the ledge. Plant the explosives to complete this challenge.

Torgue’s Marketing Mistake Location: On Table in VIP Room

The final Crew Challenge is located inside the VIP Room in the northeast corner of the elevator room of the VIP Tower. To access this room you need to spend cash. Once accessed you will see the hot sauce on the table inside the room.

That’s all the locations of all three VIP Tower Crew Challenges. As you can see these challenges are fairly easy to complete. These Crew Challenges need to be completed if you are going to 100% the area.

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