Borderlands 3: Sapphire’s Run Crew Challenges Guide

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The second area with Crew Challenges in the Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck DLC for Borderlands 3 is called Sapphire’s Run. In this area you will need to find a total of three probes hidden across the map. The Sapphire’s Run Crew Challenges guide below shows you the locations of these three probes.

Sapphire’s Run Crew Challenges Map Locations & Guide

Image showing the Sapphire's Run Crew Challenges Map for Borderlands 3 DLC.

There are a total of 3 Crew Challenges to find in the Sapphire’s Run zone of Kreig’s Mind. These Crew Challenges are spread across the map with some being easy to find while others are more hidden. The Crew Challenges in this zone are:

  • 3x Signal to Noise.

The map above highlights the locations of each of the Crew Challenges for this zone. If you want more context to completing each challenge check out our text guide below.

Signal to Noise 1: Floating Rock

Next to where you can speak to Krieg to trigger the Krieg’s on Parade side mission there are two a places you can put Maya’s Book. Place the book on the one near the floating rock to cause a platform to appear to your left. Use this platform to reach the Probe on the floating rock.

Signal to Noise 2: Left Path After Portal

Make your way through the level until you the set of tracks after the launcher. While crossing these tracks the train will destroy the bridge you are on. Head through the portal that appears to reach a new portion of the level. From the starting spawn head to the left to find a path leading to a pedestal you can place Maya’s book on. Do this to reach the Probe. Interact with the Probe then use the ledges to destroy all the orbs.

Signal to Noise 3: Final Area

Complete the main story until you reach the third portal. Head through the portal to the final section of the zone. Here make your way forward until you reach an old train bridge. To the left of the train bridge is the Probe. It is fairly easy to get to. Simply place Maya’s book then trigger the Probe. Shoot all orbs to collect it.

That complete our look at how to 100% the Crew Challenges for the Sapphire’s Run zone of Kreig’s Mind. After this zone. The next zone you will need to complete is called Benediction of Pain. This zone has a total of 3 Crew Challenges to complete.

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