Borderlands 3: Benediction of Pain Crew Challenges Guide

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The final area you need to explore before Vaulthalla in Borderlands 3 Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck DLC is called the Benediction of Pain. This area is where you need to go to find the mask needed to unlock access to Vaulthalla. While you are completing this zone you can find three Crew Challenges. Use our Benediction of Pain Crew Challenges guide to 100% this zone.

Benediction of Pain Crew Challenges Map Locations & Guide

Image showing the Benediction of Pain Crew Challenges locations on the in-game map of Borderlands 3.

There are a total of 3 Crew Challenges to find in the Benediction of Pain zone of Kreig’s Mind. These Crew Challenges are spread across the map with some being easy to find while others are more hidden. The Crew Challenges in this zone are:

  • 3x Signal to Noise.

The map above highlights the locations of each of the Crew Challenges for this zone. If you want more context to completing each challenge check out our text guide below.

Signal to Noise 1: By First Large Building

During the main mission you will reach an area where you need to find pieces of a robot and assemble them. Before going into the building here simply walk to the right of the entrance to find the Probe. Interact with the Probe and shoot the orbs that appear to collect it.

Signal to Noise 2: On Ledge with Wardwatcher Beta

The second Probe can be found on the ledge with the first Wardwatcher Beta you encounter. This large enemy is basically an early constructor. Clear this room then walk over to the ledge the constructor enemy was on to find the Probe near the edge. Interact with it and destroy the probes it emits to collect this Crew Challenge.

Signal to Noise 3: Room with Wardwatcher Alpha

The final Probe here can be found in the large open area with the Wardwatcher Alpha enemy type. Clear this room and look for the Probe sitting on the pathway to the right of the entrance. This Probe shoots out orbs into a collection of already existing orbs making it appear as if you need to shoot like 12. You only need to shoot the ones with the trails to complete this Crew Challenge.

That completes our look at how to 100% the Crew Challenges for the Benediction of Pain zone of Kreig’s Mind. If you followed our Crew Challenge guides up to this point you will have completed them all in this DLC. Your reward for finding everything is the Scientific Merit Echo Theme Tannis sends you by Mail.

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