Borderlands 3: Cistern of Slaughter 100% List

In the lower portion of the Meridian Metroplex you can find an area called the Cistern of Slaughter. This area is completely optional, but does count towards your overall 100% progres. To help you complete this area, use the Cistern of Slaughter 100% list below.

Cistern of Slaughter 100% Zone Progress

Image showing the Cistern of Slaughter 100% Zone Progress.

Within the Cistern of Slaughter you will need to complete/find a couple of things. With that said almost everything will unlock for you at your entry. The three things contributing to the zone progress in this area are:

  1. Mission (1/1): Cistern of Slaughter.
  2. Locations (1/1): Cistern of Slaughter.
  3. Fast Travel Stations (1/1): Cistern of Slaughter.

Everything but the mission will unlock for you as soon as you enter the Cistern of Slaughter zone. Complete the Wave Based Cistern Slaughter ro reach the 100% zone progress.

Next Zone: Lectra City.

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  1. Rug says:

    Are there lists for every area in the game, or just the ones up to Lectra City?
    Well composed lists thus far 🙂

  2. Genos says:

    The mission in this area is currently glitched and is undoable 90% of the time, and it takes 2 hours of gameplay to find that out. Please add that in, that’s crucial.

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