Borderlands 3: Castle Crimson Crew Challenges Guide

The first area with Crew Challenges in the Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck DLC for Borderlands 3 is called Castle Crimson. In this area you will need to find a total of three probes hidden across the map. The Castle Crimson Crew Challenges guide below shows you the locations of these three probes.

Castle Crimson Crew Challenges Map Locations & Guide

Image showing the Castle Crimson Crew Challenges Map for Borderlands 3 DLC.

There are a total of 3 Crew Challenges to find in the Crimson Castle area of Kreig’s Mind. These Crew Challenges are spread across the map with some being easy to find while others are more hidden. The Crew Challenges in this area are:

  • 3x Signal to Noise.

The map above highlights the locations of each of the Crew Challenges for this area. If you want more context to completing each challenge check out our text guide below.

Signal to Noise 1: Right of Launcher

Head through the area until you reach the first launcher. Stepping on this launcher will shoot you across the gap here. Go across the gap then turn right and traverse the broken columns to reach the cliff ledge with the first Signal to Noise on it. Interact with the probe then shoot all the orbs that come out of it to collect it.

Signal to Noise 2: Near Entrance of Skag Area

Advance the main story until you are tasked with using catapults to destroy the door to the castle. Follow the path until you reach the second catapult where you will get a task to kill some Skags for items they drop. Instead of going into the area with the Skags head to the left of when facing the bridge to the Skag are to find the second probe on a cliff ledge. Shoot all orbs to collect it.

Signal to Noise 3: In Shiftable Room of Castle

The final Signal to Noise Crew Challenge can be found inside Castle Crimson. Simply make your way through the main mission until you enter the castle. Inside the castle you will reach a room that has a number of staircase. Simply head up the stair cases until you reach the top of the room. Here you will find the probe sitting on a ledge you will need to jump to.

That complete our look at how to 100% the Crew Challenges for the Castle Crimson zone of Kreig’s Mind. After this zone. The next zone you will need to complete is called Saphire’s Run. This zone has a total of 3 Crew Challenges to complete.

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