Borderlands 3: Ascension Bluff 100% List

From The Droughts you will enter an area called Ascension Bluff. Inside this area you will need to explore and complete a number of missions to reach zone progress of 100%. To help you accomplish this feat, check out our Ascension Bluff 100% list below.

Ascension Bluff 100% Zone Progress

Image showing the Ascension Bluff 100% Zone Progress

The Ascension Bluff contains a number of areas for you to explore; missions for you to complete; and Crew Challenges to finish. The breakdown for this area is laid out in more detail below.

Ascension Bluff Missions (3/3)

There are a total of three missions for players to complete in this area. These missions are a mixture of main story and side missions. Here are the missions you need to complete:

  1. Cult Following (Story Mission).
  2. Head Case (Side Mission).
  3. Golden Calves (Side Mission).

Completing the mix of Main and Side missions listed above will net you 3/3 completion for the mission progress of this area.

Ascension Bluff Locations (5/5)

Image showing the Ascension Bluff Locations.

In the Ascension Bluff there are a total of 5 unique named areas you need to uncover. These named areas must be found to complete the locations portion of the zone progress. All 5 named areas are as follows:

  1. The Sty.
  2. Spit Respite.
  3. Puttergunk’s Perch.
  4. Path of Sacrifice.
  5. Holy Broadcast Center.

To discover the above marked areas you simply need to run into them and have the area name pop up on your screen. Once this is done the area is considered discovered.

Ascension Bluff Fast Travel Station (1/1)

There is only one Fast Travel Station in this zone which is the Ascension Bluff station. This station is unmissable.

Ascension Bluff Eridian Writing (1/1)

Eridian Writing can be inspected after defeating Troy Calypso and getting the Eridian Analyzer from The Great Vault. Once you’ve done this you can inspect Eridian Writing for 25 Eridium, Lore, and Trials unlocks. In Ascension Bluff there is one Eridian Writings to collect:

  1. On ledge overlooking Path of Sacrifice.

Inspect the Eridian Writing to add it to your zone progress.

Ascension Bluff Red Chest (1/1)

Red Chests are another thing you need to find within zones to reach 100% completion. These chests are hidden throughout zones and must be opened to collect. In Ascension Bluff there is only one Red Chests to collect:

  1. Accessible during the Pandora’s Next Top Mouthpiece side mission (Sanctuary).

Ascension Bluff Crew Challenges (9/9)

There are a total of nine Crew Challenges for players to complete in Ascension Bluff. These challenges include the following:

  1. Crimson Radio.
  2. Dead Claptrap.
  3. Hijack Target.
  4. Legendary Hunt.
  5. Typhon Dead Drop.
  6. Typhon Logs 3x.

If you want to see exact locations of each of these Crew Challenges, check out our Ascension Bluff Crew Challenges guide.

If you followed the Ascension Bluff 100% list above you will reach 100% zone progress. There’s plenty more exploration ahead of us, so get comfortable.

Next Zone: Meridian Outskirts.

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