Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Cooking Explained

As you play Bloodstained Ritual of the Night you will collect a ton of different types of food items including seeds. These items are part of the broader Cooking mechanic in game. Consult our Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Cooking explained guide below.

What to Do with Seeds

Image showing Harry the farmer.

You will collect a number of different types of seeds which seems useless at first. These seeds actually serve a very valuable purpose. Once you reach Arvantville you will setup a hub area that features a number of NPCs. On the outside of the hub is an NPC named Harry. Harry is a farmer. If you give Harry seeds he will grow that type of crop for you. This can be a very easy way of getting ingredients for cooking.

How Cooking Works

Image showing the Rice Ball food in Bloodstained.

Cooking is done by Johannes in Arvantville. He will take different ingredients you give him and make dishes out of them. You can see all available dishes under the Prepare option (when speaking to Johannes). Here you will see every dish you currently know. Preparing and eating dishes is a very valuable gameplay mechanic as consuming a new dish will reward you with some sort of bonus. These First Time bonuses can range from MAXHP up to Stat increases.

In the above picture I made a Rice Ball. Consuming this Rice Ball increased my MAXHP by 10 and raised my CON by 2 since this was the first time consuming this dish. These First Time Bonuses are beneficial so you want to be eating new dishes as much as possible to capture these First Time bonuses. Food you’ve already consumed for the First Time will have a golden pair of utensils beside it (see Uni Rice Bowl above).

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