Blasphemous 2 Regula Quest Guide

Image showing the Penitent One receiving the Regula's Cloth item in Blasphemous 2.

Blasphemous 2 Regula is an NPC that players can encounter in the Labyrinth of Tides location. This NPC, when you meet her, is holding up a crumbling entrance to a temple. Regula is worried the entrance will collapse before a new one can be located. To help her you must complete a task she asks of you. To learn how to complete this task see our Blasphemous 2 Regula quest guide below.

Where to Meet Regula in Blasphemous 2

Image showing the NPC named Regula and her map location in the Labyrinth of Tides area of Blasphemous 2.
Regula is located in the highlighted room int he Labyrinth of Tides area.

You can meet Regula and complete her quest once you’ve reached the Labyrinth of Tides location. This location becomes accessible following the completion of the Sunken Cathedral. Once you have access to this area visit the room shown on the map above. In it you will meet Regula and she will make her request which is to find a second entrance into the temple.

What to Do with Regula in Blasphemous 2

Image showing the map location of a pillar players need to destroy to advance Regula's quest.
Visit this marked location and destroy the pillar there to advance Regula’s quest.

During your meeting with Regula she mentions that another entrance to the temple has opened following a tremor. To advance the quest you need to find that opening and go through it. Thankfully for us the entrance is directly behind where Regula is. Make your way through the Labyrinth of Tides into the large square room. In this square room look for a middle entrance on the far right side. Take this entrance to reach a stone wall blocking your path. Destroy the stone wall to gain access to the temple.

How to Get Regula’s Cloth in Blasphemous 2

When you destroy the pillar the location rumbles. Continue right and you will enter the temple and will notice a statue and that Regula has been crushed by the entrance. Back track to Regula’s room and interact with her again. She is holding a shroud. After this interaction she will give the shroud to you which is called Regula’s Cloth.

What to Do with Regula’s Cloth in Blasphemous 2

Upon receiving Regula’s Cloth make your way back to the temple area that we opened. Inside this room walk up to the statue and interact with it. When you do that the statue will speak to you. Following this interaction you receive the Remembrance of Regula. Take the Remembrance of Regula to the artisan to have it turned into The Woman of the Stolen Face figure.

This is just one of multiple NPC quests you can complete in Blasphemous 2. There much larger quest you can complete for Yerma who is on her own mission through Cvstodia. See our Yerma questline guide for help completing that one.

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