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How to Unlock the Militia Outfit 0

How to Unlock the Militia Outfit – Far Cry 5

There are a number of outfit options available for your character in Far Cry 5. These outfits range from crazy (like the Omega outfit), to the more subtle and stylistically inline ones like the Militia outfit. Like many outfits, the...

How to unlock Nancy in Far Cry 5 0

How to Unlock Nancy – Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 features a number of unlockable items, weapons, and even vehicles. Early I showed you how to unlock the Magnopulser special weapon and I’m back with a new unlock, only this time it’s a vehicle. This vehicle is...

How to unlock the Magnopulser Weapon - Far Cry 5 2

How to Unlock the Magnopulser Special Weapon – Far Cry 5

On the surface, Far Cry 5 plays things pretty straight in terms of storyline. You arrive in Hope County and immediately realize seriousness of the situation. With that being said, fans of the Far Cry series know the games can get pretty wacky...