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In the Wrath of the Druids DLC for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla there is a new set of open world activities called Royal Requests. These activities task you with completing specific objectives at various locations across Dublin. Completing these Royal Requests rewards you with good and can also be completed for a trophy/achievement called King’s Maker. To learn more about these activities see our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Royal Requests guide below.

What are Royal Requests?

Image showing the Royal Demands screen at a Pigeon coop in AC Valhalla.

Royal Requests are special requests in Wrath of the Druids that are available at Pigeon Coops across Ireland. These requests come from the location’s king and task you with doing certain activities. You unlock Royal Requests as part of the main story in the mission called War Efforts. To start a Royal Request approach the coop and interact with the papers stuck to the pole. This will open the screen shown above. From this screen you can select requests you wish to complete. There are three available at a time.

How to Complete Royal Requests

Once you’ve unlocked Royal Requests you can complete them as often as you like. Simply head to the nearest coop and select any or all three requests available. The requests you can complete come in three types:

  1. Death to All: Clear entire camp of enemies.
  2. Royal Vengeance: Kill certain enemies in a camp.
  3. Gemstones: Get gemstones back from enemy.

When you are doing a Royal Request there are special King’s Plea bonus objectives. The bonus objectives pertain to specific requests, involving tasks such as avoiding detection, sparing non-essential targets, and evading damage. The active King’s Pleas will appear under the active Royal Request on the top left of your screen.

To complete the requests you simply need to go to a location marked on your map and complete the objective. You can use any means you wish. Once the objective is complete leave the area to receive your rewards and complete the request.

Rewards for Completing Royal Requests

Completing Royal Requests is an easy way to earn good for your trade in Dublin. Goods received as rewards is increased by building a Raider Tent in the area you are doing the request. This increases the amount of goods you get from the requests. You can also complete the request’s King’s Plea to further improve rewards.

That’s all you really need to know about the Royal Requests system in Wrath of the Druids. To unlock the King’s Maker trophy/achievement you need to complete a total of 10 Royal Requests. You will complete 6 during the main story. After those 6 are complete 4 more to trigger the unlock.

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