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Now that the Children of Danu are uncovered you need to take out four of them during the main story. Since we’ve already taken out onw the next target is The Cursed. This enemy is the focus for the Into the Fog mission you need to complete to advance the main story in the DLC. To complete this mission use our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Into the Fog guide below.

Search for The Cursed

Once you have this mission active you will see a quest marker on your map in the Connacht region’s southwest corner. Go to this marker to reach The Cursed cottage in Tuam. Before you can access the cottage you need to grab Cottage Key from a windowsill on the hut directly west.. Get the key then open the cottage door.

Image showing the cobweb covered crevice.

Inside the cottage read the note on the table to mark the cave entrance on your map. The cave entrance is directly southeast of the cottage. Go to the cave entrance and dive down into the water below. Get out of the water and look for a cobweb covered crevice. Go through the crevice to enter the cave system.

Image showing the hole you can climb through in the cave system.

Make your way through the cave system until you reach a room with a bear. Defeat the bear then go through the door. The room following the door it appears you progress is stopped. It isn’t. There is a hole in the wall to the upper left of the barred door you can climb through. Go through it to continue forward into a jail that has been built into the caves.

In the jail section defeat the enemies then look around for clues using your Odin vision. Unlock the Irish Man from the prison cell to receive another clue on The Cursed. Head up and out of the cave.

Meet with Ciara

Ciara is waiting for you just down the path from where you emerge out of the cave system. Go to her and speak to her. Ciara will tell you that The Cursed performs rituals near Carnagan. This location is just south of where you are. Head down the path to the quest marker.

Find and Confront The Cursed

At the quest marker use Odin sight to reveal tracks on the ground. Interact with the tracks then follow them until you reach the ritual area called Lackanscaul. At this location defeat all of the Cultists and The Cursed.

When The Cursed is defeated make you way back to Ciara who is at Lough Glendallon. Speak to here at the base of the waterfall to trigger a cutscene. During this cutscene Ciara will go bathing in the water. If you are romancing Ciara answer with “I would like to be close to you.” to wrap up the romance arc. After the interaction here you will have completed this mission. The next mission is The Northern Reach.

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