Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Gathering Strength Guide

The effort we put into completing the Royal Demands has paid off. Army resources are gathering at Knockfree and we need to join them. This meeting starts of the Gathering Strength main story mission. For help completing this mission use our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Gathering Strength guide below.

Speak to Flann then Barid in Knockfree

Make your way to Knockfree and enter the military camp. Go up on the hill and speak to Flann to trigger a cutscene. During this cutscene you will be told to speak to Barid at the forward tent. Make your way up to the tent and talk to Barid inside the tent.

Find and Speak to Flann’s Scout

Image showing the location of Flann's Scout in AC Valhalla.

Once you are done speaking with Flann you need to go and find his scout to the north. The scout is fair distance away so jump on your mount and head to the quest marker. At the marker go beneath the bridge to find the scout there on some wooden platforms. Speak to the scout.

Open Cashelore’s Gates

After you speak to the scout you need to make your way inside the castle. To do this follow the path along the cliffside by jumping to the hanging platform. Continue heading north along the path until you reach ladders leading up to the castle wall. On the castle wall assassinate the enemies in your way as you head along the top of it to the right. Eventually there is a hole you can drop down that leads to the castle courtyard. Hide in the bushes below then open the gate when the coast is clear. Upon opening the gate a cutscene will trigger and a battle will begin.

Take the Southern and Northern Ringforts

Image showing capturing the Stronghold in Cashelore.

This stronghold battle is fairly standard affair to complete. You start with your army in the Southern Ringfort. Clear this area of enemies then help Flann open the door to the Northern Ringfort. Head to the new location when the door is open and clear it of enemies. Once the Northern Ringfort is clear of enemies you will have captured the stronghold. After the battle there is a cutscene featuring Flann and Barid.

Once this cutscene concludes you will have completed the mission. The next mission in the main quest line is called Foothold in Connacht. It is a very short mission.

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