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Once you learn about the Wraith of the Druids resource system you will unlock a side quest associated with it. This side quest is called Dublin’s Reach. To advance this quest you need to increase the Renown of Dublin to level 5. To help you do this see our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Dublin’s Reach guide below.

Claim all Trade Posts in Ireland

Image showing a map of all claimed Trade Posts in AC Valhalla.

When the Trade Posts system becomes active you want immediately set to work claiming all of the Trade Posts in Ireland. The reason for this is that each Trade Post generates a specific trade resource you will need to complete trade requests from Azar. There are a total of seven Trade Posts you need to claim. The Trade Post and resources they produce are:

  • Rathdown: Clothing.
  • Lisdurrow: Scriptures.
  • Athlone: Honey and Ale.
  • Port Auley: Ivory and other rarities.
  • Drumlsih: Clothing.
  • Dysert: Scriptures.
  • Ardmel: Honey and Ale.

Claiming the above Trade Points works just like the main quest that introduces the system. You need to go to the Trade Point you want to claim, clear out the enemies, find a note, go to the location of the note to get the deed, and then use the deed to claim the Control Point. Once you have all seven claimed above you will start generating a trading materials every minute. Which is what we need to increase our Dublin Renown.

Buy Buildings at Trade Posts

Image showing the Raider Tent building in AC Valhalla.

Once you have the barebones of your supply chain created you can further improve its output and efficiency by purchasing building in each Trade Post location. These building can be created using Trade Post Supplies you earn during raids on the different raid locations in Ireland. There are four types of buildings you can make at a Trade Post:

  1. Workman’s Cottage (220): Increases production speed of goods.
  2. Supply Depot (70): Resupply area of arrows and rations.
  3. Storehouse (100): Increases storage capacity of goods chest in Dublin.
  4. Raider Tent (140): Provides bonus rewards for royal demands.

Not every Trade Posts has all of the buildings listed above. Instead they have a mix of the three. You will want to create these buildings to really ratchet up your goods generation. Put the effort into completing the different raids on the map and dump the supplies into the buildings as soon as you possibly can.

How to Raise Dublin Renowned

Now that you have the supply chain of goods fully established you can start increasing the renowned of Dublin. To do this speak to Azar in Dublin. When you speak to her she will have a collection of Overseas Trading demands. These demands give various rewards including weapons, gear, Trade Point supplies, and Renown. Complete these request by pulling goods from the chest nearby. This chest fills every minute. You can check its content by hovering over the icon on your map. Try to avoid letting the Goods in the chest reach the limit as it will slow down your efficiency.

Once you reach Renowned Rank 5 you will have completed this side mission. The only major thing you need to do here is ensure your Goods production is really moving along. If you do this you can easily reach Renowned 5 in no time at all. When you do hit the 5 rank you will unlock the All Roads Lead to Dublin trophy/achievement. You also unlock a side mission called An Eye for an Eye.

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