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One of the first side missions you get in the Wrath of the Druids DLC is Dublin’s Reach. This side mission tasks you with increasing the renown of Dublin by increasing the goods they trade. Once you reach renown 5 you unlock a special side mission called An Eye for an Eye. Use our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla An Eye for An Eye guide to complete this side mission.

Speak to Azar

Upon reaching renown 5 you will receive the An Eye for An Eye side mission. Once you have this mission the first step is to speak to Azar at her shop in Dublin. Go there and speak to her to learn about Konstantinos. Azar wants you to find and bring him back to her. You will agree to do this.

Find and Capture Konstatinos

Konstantinos can be found at the map location shown above. This location is directly east of Dublin along the shoreline. When you arrive at this dock area there will be a number of enemies. The person we are looking for is tall and has long gray hair. He is found on the boat that is docked so head over there. Deal enough damage to Konstatinos to get him to yield. When he is yielding tie him up.

Take Konstatinos and head back to Azar. Deliver him to Azar by placing him inside of the merchants building. When you enter the building there will be a cutscene between the two. After the cutscene ends you will complete the quest. Azar will give you a bunch of goods for your troubles.

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