Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Courting the Kings Guide

After you complete the Royal Requests in Ulster you will receive a new quest called Courting the Kings. This quest tasks you with help Flann secure his current seat on the High King’s throne. To do this you will need to meet with a number of Kings that are holding meeting. You need to acquire a Kings Pass to get into this meeting. To help you complete this mission use our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Courting the Kings guide below.

Report to Flann

The first step in this quest is to report to Flann. To do this make your way to Clogher and head up to the tents in the north side of the town. Go to the tent that is currently home to Flann to encounter him and Ciara. When you enter the tent you will trigger a cutscene. During this cutscene you learn that Barid has gone missing. You need to find him.

Find a King’s Pass

Leave Clogher and make your way west to Donegal. At this location you need to track down a King’s Pass that is located on a special character inside of the fortress. This special character is highlighted in green when you use Odin’s vision. I found him in the south-end of the fortress surrounded by guards. Once you take him down grab the pass off his body to get the next quest step.

Meet the Kings

Take the newly acquired pass and make your way to Aileach. Here you need to go to the quest marker to trigger a cutscene featuring Barid, King Niall, and King Domnall. After this cutscene you will return outside where you will retake control of Eivor.

Find and Free the Prisoners then Secure the Prison

Image showing the Prison Key in Aileach.

Outside go to the Ringfort to the north. You pass doesn’t give you any special treatment in this area so expect enemies to attack if they see you. In the Ringfort you need to get the key first off an enemy that is walking around the lower section of the wall on the east. If you stay above you can drop down on top of this enemy when he comes outside. Get the Prison Key off his corpse.

Once you have the Prison Key take it down below and open all of the cells. Go into each cell and release the prisoners. Once all prisoners have been released secure the prison by defeating all the enemies that are inside it.

Take Control of Aileach

After you’ve taken the prison the next step is to take all of Aileach. Leave the prison and head outside. Defeat the enemies in and around Aileach until you’ve taken the Stronghold. Once you’ve taken the stronghold a story cutscene will trigger where you talk to Barid. After this scene you will take control of Eivor outside and the quest will end. The next story quest you need to complete is called The Mask of Diplomacy.

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3 responses

  1. Fernando says:

    I myself am having tremendous trouble in completing the” Find the King’s Pass in Donegal” quest. I have saved / reloaded / estarted my ssytem on numerous occasions – I will travel far away then travel to Donegal once again to “Find a Kings Pass” and always clear out the camp and never am able to move onto the next mission “Courting The Kings”. Could it be a glitch in my system? I have looked up numerous pages and this was the only one I can find that someone had the same trouble as me and am still having trouble moving on to the next mission. Anybody elsehaving the same issue?

  2. Scott says:

    So I raided that fort prior to the mission. Not the pass doesn’t show up there. Any idea how to get it to respawn? I am stuck on that mission but no where to grab the pass from. I’ve searched the entire fort (now that there are no soldiers left to fight) but have had no luck.

    • Dane says:

      I had raided that fort prior as well. Had done a fair bit of map hopping and various things, even went back to England to change kit on the ship. So perhaps try that. Make some saves, log out etc and try again. When I returned the place was fully staffed. Plus the prisoners had appeared.

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