Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Amber Sun Guide

After you hunt all 10 of the Children of Danu in Wrath of the Druids you will unlock a new side mission called Amber Sun. This mission tasks you with taking the 10 amber shards you found back to Deirdre. Deirdre uses these shards summon a boss you can fight to get a special weapon. To help you get this weapon use our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Amber Sun guide below.

Return to Deirdre’s Hut

After you’ve hunted all of the targets you will get a new side mission called Amber Sun. The first objective of this mission is to return to Deirdre’s Hut. Head back to the hut in Connacht. Enter the hut to trigger a cutscene. In this cutscene Deirdre makes a potion using the shards you brought. After making the potion she will perform a ritual. Choose I am ready to fight to trigger the boss fight.

Defeat Balor

Image showing Balor in Wrath of the Druids.

Once you’ve drank the potion you will be taken into a boss arena. This boss arena is home to Balor. There is an opening cutscene where you are introduced to Balor then the fight commences. Lower Balor’s health to 2/3 to trigger a second phase. Defeat Balor to leave the arena. When you get back to Asfinn you will receive the Gae Bolg Spear.

Back in Asfinn you need to complete one more step to finish this mission. Leave the stone you are at and head back to Deirdre who is in the garden. Speak to Deirdre one final time to complete the mission.

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