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After spending last week’s Live Event killing some bears, this week Ubisoft is really throwing a challenge at us by having us play the Arcade mode… That’s right, if you play the Arcade mode (more specifically, the Featured Maps in the Arcade), you will earn some serious loots. Below is a quick Arcade Nights Live Event Guide. Let’s go.

Arcade Nights Live Event Progression

Before diving into actually completing the Live Event, let’s take a quick look at the live event’s progression and unlocks. You will need to rack up a set number of playtime minutes in the Arcade mode in order to unlock the loot this week. Here are the numbers you need to hit:

Personal Progression:

  • 20 Minutes of Playtime = 50 Silver Bars
  • 40 MInutes of Playtime = BP-2 “Infinite fun”

Community Progression (PC):

  • 125 million Minutes of Playtime = 50 Silver Bars
  • 250 million Minutes of Playtime = New Hair Colors (YIPPPEEEEE)

The instructions for the Arcade Nights Live Event are as follows: “Infinite maps, infinite fun! Visit any arcade booth or open the Online menu, and check out the featured maps. Playtime is in minutes!” To put the instructions more plainly, all you need to do is play 40 minutes of featured maps in the arcade mode of Far Cry 5.

How to Complete the Arcade Nights Live Event

As the progression points out, this is a fairly simple Live Event challenge this week. All you need to do here is play 40 minutes of featured maps in the Arcade Mode of Far Cry 5. If you don’t know how to access the Arcade Mode, I will briefly walkthrough the multiple points of access below. If you do know, skip ahead to the accessing your loot part of this guide.

To access the Arcade Mode in Far Cry 5, you have a couple of options. The first option is in the singleplayer while you are out roaming. Throughout Hope County there are a number of Arcades littered around the world. These Arcade Machines can be interacted with to access the Arcade Mode. If you want to drop in from anywhere, at anytime, open your game menu and access the Online tab. Scroll to the Arcade tile and select it. Note: be sure you play on featured maps for this Live Event.

Access the Arcade Nights Loot

Once you’ve played 40 minutes (and the community has played 250 million) of Featured Maps in the Arcade Mode of Far Cry 5, you will unlock a couple of pieces of loot. Below you will find out how to access each piece of your new loot.

  • Silver: Your rewards of Silver can be acquired by opening the Live Events Progression screen in the Online part of the menu.
  • BP-2 “Infinite fun”: Can be accessed at any Weapons Shop in Hope County.
  • New Hair Colors: New hair colors can be accessed under the Character Customization tab of the menu. Access this tab and make your way to the Hair option.

There you have it, a quick guide to the Arcade Nights Live Event in Far Cry 5. This event is one of the more disappointing Live Events they have done since the release of Far Cry 5.

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