Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Take Special Tours

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In Animal Crossing New Horizons you spend you time settling a deserted island to make it more habitable. Once you’ve begun to settle the island you will notice things get far less deserted. To offset this reality Tom Nook will offer you the chance to take Special Tours to other islands. Continue reading below to learn how to take Special Tours in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Become a Member of the Nook Miles+ Club

Before you can take exotic trips to other islands you will need to do some work. First off you need to pay off the initial move-in debt of 5000 Nook Miles. To do this simply complete the various activies on the Nook Miles page to earn Nook Miles. Once you have enough return to Tom Nook and pay off your debts. Once the debt is paid off you should take on the loan for a new house. Upon taking on this loan Tom Nook will promote you to the Nook Miles+ club. This club gives you access to purchase items with Nook Miles from the Nook Stop.

Buy or Receive the Nook Miles Ticket

To go on a Special Tour you require an item called the Nook Miles Ticket. This item can be purchased from the Nook Stop under the Redeem Nook Miles option. One ticket costs 2000 Nook Miles to purchase (you receive one free by getting Blathers to move to the island). Each ticket is one time use so you will need to buy new ones every time you visit an island.

Go to the Airport to Fly to Special Locations

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Once you have a Nook Miles Ticket you need to make your way to the Airport. At the Airport speak with Orville and select I wanna fly > Use Nook Miles Ticket. After making this declaration you will be transported to another mystery deserted island you are free to explore. Some of the benefits of visiting these mystery locations are:

  • Resources: Gather various resources from these untouched locations. These islands sometimes have rare resources as well.
  • NPC: Can sometimes meet and invite NPCs to come to your island.
  • Secrets.

When you are ready to leave the island return to Wilbur and tell him you wish to return home. This will take you back your home island.

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