Andy’s Apple Farm Guide and Walkthrough (For Current V.4)

Andy’s Apple Farm is a M36games production that players can pick up right here. This game tasks players with beta testing a pc game made for children. While the premise seems straightforward and simple, the game is actually hiding a very dark secret. To uncover the secret use our Andy’s Apple Farm guide below.

Note: This Andy’s Apple Farm guide is for V.4.

Starting Andy’s Apple Farm

Image showing how to start Andy's Apple Farm.

Download the game from the link above an launch it. When you begin the game you can listen to the developer Thomas Eastwood tell you about beta testing. Once you’ve done this you will go to the starting screen. Hit Space Bar to go to the starting screen. On the starting screen you will see two game saves: Andy 1 New and Andy 2. Select the Andy 1 New spot and hit space to get started. If you spam space on the Andy 2 your computer will “crash” and you will need to relaunch the game.

When you launch a new game you will take control of Andy outside of his house. To control Andy you need to use the arrow keys and interact on things with the Space Bar. This is important to keep in mind as it is a bit of a departure from the current WASD control schemes we are used to.

Meet Andy’s Friends

Once you have control of Andy you need to meet up with your friends. This can be done by heading to the right of your house onto the next screen. On this next screen you will notice a group of characters near the barn. Head over to the group to trigger a cutscene. The group has taken your keys and you need to earn stickers to get them back. This is the next objective for you to complete.

Collect all the Bonus Stickers to Get Your Keys

To get your key back from your friends you need to collect 4 bonus stickers from them. These stickers are earned by completing specific mini-games run by three of your friends: Margaret, Felix, and Melody. Details of the mini-games can be found in the sections below.

Margaret Fruit Sorting Game

Image showing Andy's Apple Farm sorting mini-game run by Margaret.

The first mini-game you can do is the Margaret fruit sorting game. Margaret can be found among the crops in the lower right hand corner of the screen we met our friends on. Approach Margaret and speak to her to start the mini-game. This mini-game is fairly simple. Grab the fruit on the left side of the screen and place it in the proper baskets. When you do this for all the fruit you will complete the mini-game and Margaret will give you a Bonus Sticker.

Once you complete this mini-game your game will crash. This is intentional. Exit the game and relaunch it. Reload your save to continue playing through the game.

Felix Fishing Game

Image showing the fishing mini-game in Andy's Apple Farm.

When you re-launch the game and load back in you will be at your house. Follow the path going down until you reach a dock with Felix on it. Speak to Felix to start the his fishing mini-game. To complete this mini-game catch three fish with your hook. Once you’ve done this a body will appear in the lower-left hand corner. Catch the body to trigger some lore and you will complete the mini-game. Felix will give you a Bonus Sticker for your efforts.

Melody Music Game

Image showing the Melody music game in Andy's Apple Farm.

Once you’ve completed Felix Fishing game head back to the area with the barn. Head al the way to the right until you see an exit. Go through this exit to the next screen to find Melody in a meadow. Speak to Melody and complete her mini-game. This mini-game tasks you with playing a song by pushing the correct arrows when prompted. Complete the mini-game.

When you complete this mini-game you will be transported to a new area. In this new area head to the right to the next screen. Here you will find a car. Approach the car to trigger a cutscene/recording. After the recording you will return to Melody and she will give you her Bonus Sticker. One left to go.

Claus I Spy Game

Image showing the I Spy game in Andy's Apple Farm.

Go back to the barn and speak to Claus there. Claus has one final game for you to play. This game is I Spy. To complete this game you need to find the things that Claus hints at. The solutions are as follows:

  1. Apples.
  2. Cloud.
  3. Little tree.
  4. Axe.

Once you select the Axe the game will bug out. Wait for it to fully bug out and you will be transported to a new screen. Head right on this screen and follow it. You will be chased by an axe-wielding man. You can’t outrun them so let them catch you. Once caught a cutscene triggers. After the cutscene Claus gives you his Bonus Sticker.

Inside the Barn

Inside the barn in Andy's Apple Farm.

After you collect all of the Bonus Stickers you learn that your key is inside the barn. Your friends surround you making it only possible to go inside. Go into the barn to trigger another cutscene. After the cutscene there is a maze you need to complete. Inside the maze go up as far as you can then right as far as you can. When you reach the exit an enemy appears. Let it catch you.

When you are caught you will be taken to a new room. Walk forward to the glowing orb and pick it up. This triggers another new game you must complete which is a game of tag.

Tag Mini-Game

You need to complete two rounds of the tag mini-game. The first round is you having to catch Peter the Pumpkin. The easiest way to to do this is to simply cut him off when he goes into a dead end-section. When you catch Peter the second round begins. This second round is for you not to get caught. To advance the story you want Peter to catch you so stop when he is running towards you so he can.

After you get caught you see a man inside a house. Watch the cutscene until your screen goes black. After this happens you have control of Andy. Walk to the right until you encounter your house keys. When you walk up to the house keys the game’s ending will trigger. Congratulations on beating Andy’s Apple Farm V.4.

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