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There are a few locations you can visit in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla that are special. Theses locations are Asgard and Vinland. On both of these maps you will find various activities you can complete. One activity you will find on the map of Vinland is a World Event called A Dead Man’s Tale. To help you complete this activity use our A Dead Man’s Tale World Event guide below.

Where to Start A Dead Man’s Tale World Event

Map showing where to find the body in A Dead Man's Tale World Event and where to deliver it.

You can start the A Dead Man’s Tale World Event by finding the body to the southwest of Karonhiaken:iate. At this location there is a drop you can make that has a body at the bottom of it. When you land in the chasm look for a note next to the body. This note explains that the man fell and broke his leg. This injury made it next to impossible for the man to escape the hole. The note tells you what to do with the corpse. Basically to complete this event need to take the corpse to the coastal village of Nyhofn.

Where to Take the Dead Man on Vinland

To complete this World Event pick up the corpse and head to the east. Make your way to the coastal town of Nyhofn. When you enter the town you will hear a woman weeping. She will see you and a cutscene will play. During this cutscene you can tell the woman what to do with herself now that her brother is gone. This will end the World Event giving you XP and +1 Vinland Mysteries for your troubles.

That’s all you need to know to complete the A Dead Man’s Tale event in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This is just one of many World Events in the game. See our AC Valhalla guide and walkthrough for more help with quests like this.

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