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In the cemetery of Le Carre in Deadly Premonition 2 A Blessing in Disguise you will encounter a strange man named Lewis. Lewis appears to be possessed by some sort of alien being that is receiving signals. When you talk to Lewis he will give you a side quest to complete that involves collecting 20 Fleur-de-lis throughout Le Carre to fill the Genesis Collection. To help you find these collectibles use our A Blooming Crest S.42 guide below.

Fleur-de-lis Map Locations for Genesis Collection

Image showing the Fleur-de-lis Map Locations for Genesis Collection in Deadly Premonition 2 A Blessing in Disguise.

To complete this collection you need to find a total of 20 Fleur-de-lis hidden across Le Carre. These collectible item locations are hinted at in the pictures you are given by Lewis. To view these pictures press d-pad down. When you reach the location the pictures were taken use Vision to find the Fleur-de-lis. The locations listed below are in chronological order of how the pictures are in-game.

  1. Casa Pineapple exterior.
  2. Alexus Diner & Lane exterior.
  3. Le Carre Sheriff’s Dept exterior.
  4. Clarkson Food and Delivery Services.
  5. Drawbridge.
  6. Lise’s Body Discovery Site (beneath American Robin Street Bridge).
  7. Abandoned Factory (south end by holding tank row).
  8. Park (northeast corner on road under traffic lights).
  9. Erzulie Freda exterior.
  10. The Clarksons’ (front entrance).
  11. Evangelical Church (side entrance).
  12. Cemetery (northeast corner on road).
  13. Isaac Lake (Pump area).
  14. Water Tower.
  15. Barber Shop (directly northeast of Casa Pineapple entrance).
  16. American Robin Street Bridge.
  17. Abandoned Factory Entrance (by skateboard mini-game).
  18. Sugar Can Plantation barn.
  19. Welcome to Le Carre Town Sign (along Lee Clarkson Road to the west of Raven’s House).
  20. Not Shown: Y-Vern Hot Spot 1 (speak to Raven at her house to unlock).

Once you’ve collected all of the Fleur-de-lis head back to the cemetery and present the Genesis Album to Lewis. For completing this side quest you will receive the Profound Necklace LV.1. This is the first of five fleur-de-lis collections Lewis asks you to complete. Speak to him after the side quest is handed in to receive the Faded Cowhide Album that starts S.43.

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