5 Things To Do After Beating Pokemon Sun and Moon

Congratulations, Champion! You’ve emerged victorious from your journey across the captivating Alola region, claiming the title of the first-ever regional champion. Now, you might be wondering what exciting adventures await you in Pokémon Sun and Moon’s post-game. As with previous titles in the series, there’s plenty to keep you engaged. Below, we’ll delve into 5 things to do after beating Pokémon Sun and Moon.

1. Capture the Island Guardians

Image showing the four island Guardian Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon.
There are four island Guardian Pokémon to catch in the post-game.

Throughout your Pokémon Sun/Moon adventure, you’ve encountered legendary Pokémon associated with specific islands, serving as guardians. Upon your championship victory, these legendary beings recognize your prowess and challenge you to a battle. There are a total of 4 island guardians to face and capture. For in-depth guidance, refer to our comprehensive Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Legendary Pokémon guide.

2. Join the UB Task Force and Hunt Ultra Beasts

Remember when Nintendo unveiled the existence of Ultra Beasts? As you progressed through the main storyline, you may have pondered their whereabouts. Ultra Beasts play a significant role in the narrative but cannot be captured until you attain the title of Pokémon League Champion. After returning home, a mysterious figure will approach you, providing a key card that unlocks a room in a motel along Route 8. Enter the room to meet the UB Task Force, commencing your quest to hunt down Ultra Beasts.

3. Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Another thrilling objective is completing your entire Pokédex. Currently, the Alola Pokédex boasts 302 unique Pokémon for trainers to catch. Pokémon Sun and Moon each have their exclusive species, making trading with friends who own the opposite version an effective strategy. If you lack friends with the opposite game, fret not, as Pokémon Sun and Moon offer robust multiplayer options. Utilize Wonder Trade and the Global Trade System (GTS) to expand your Pokédex. Traditional methods like hunting and capturing Pokémon are also valid options. Additionally, the Pelago feature can help passively increase your Pokédex entries.

4. Battle at the Battle Tree

Image showing a Battle Tree screenshot from Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon.
The Battle Tree allows you to take part in end-game fights.

Similar to other titles in the series, Pokémon Sun and Moon introduce the Battle Tree, a challenging endgame arena. Located on Poni Island at the end of Poni Gauntlet, the Battle Tree offers endless battles, tasking you with stacking win streaks to unlock tougher opponents and coveted items. Prepare for intense battles against high-level trainers, some of whom are familiar faces from previous Pokémon games. Enjoy the nostalgic nods and test your skills at the Battle Tree.

5. Claim Null and Cosmog

Image showing Type: Null Pokemon.
Type: Null is one of the end-game Pokémon you can get.

Upon attaining the title of Pokémon Champion, you’ll discover that people are eager to reward you with gifts, including rare Pokémon. Two such Pokémon are Null and Cosmog. While this post is a concise overview, guides for obtaining Null and Cosmog are available to assist you.

While becoming the Champion of Alola may feel like the culmination of your journey, rest assured that there’s still a wealth of adventures and challenges awaiting you. Whether your goal is to complete your Pokédex, engage in relentless battles, or expand your Pokémon collection, the post-game content in Pokémon Sun and Moon offers an abundance of exciting activities. Thank you for reading!

For additional Pokémon Sun and Moon walkthroughs and guides, explore our comprehensive collection. We’d love to hear about your post-game adventures and your thoughts on this list—share them in the comments below!


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