5 Things To Do After Beating Pokemon Sun and Moon

You’ve finally done it. After fighting your way across the Alola region, you beat the Pokemon League to become the first ever regional champion. At this point you may be wondering what else there is to do in Pokemon Sun or Moon. Like other games in the series, there is actually a fair bit. Below are 5 things to do after beating Pokemon Sun and Moon.

1. Catch the Island Guardians

5 things to do after beating Pokemon Sun and Moon

As you have seen throughout Pokemon Sun/Moon, there are legendary Pokemon associated with certain islands who act as these island’s defenders. Once you become champion, these legendary Pokemon deem you worthy enough to battle. There are a total of 4 island guardians to fight and collect. HtR has written a full walkthrough here.

2. Join The UB Task Force and Hunt UB

5 things to do after beating Pokemon Sun and Moon

Remember when Nintendo announced the existence of Ultra Beasts? Well as I was playing through the main story, I kept wondering where exactly they were. Ultra Beasts play a role in the storyline, but are not catchable until you become Pokemon League Champion. Once you return to your house, upon leaving again, a mysterious man will approach you and give you a key card. This key card opens a room in a motel along Route 8. Go to the room and meet the UB Task Force. This triggers the hunt for Ultra Beasts.

3. Catch Em All

5 things to do after beating Pokemon Sun and Moon

Another thing you can do is try to fill up your entire Pokedex.  Currently  there are 302 Pokemon in the Alola Pokedex for trainers to catch. Both Pokemon Sun and Moon have their own exclusives, so having friends with the opposite copy helps speed up this process. If you don’t have any friends fear not as Pokemon Sun and Moon has some robust multiplayer options to accomplish this feat. Wondertrade and GTS are good options to try to expand your pokedex. Other more traditional methods include going out and hunting for the Pokemon you need ( old school ). There is also the Pelagio which can add to your Pokedex pretty passively.

4. Fight at the Battle Tree

5 things to do after beating Pokemon Sun and Moon

Like other games in the series, Pokemon Sun and Moon have their own form of endgame arena in the Battle Tree. The Battle Tree can be located on Poni Island at the end of Poni Gauntly. Here you battle endlessly, with the purpose of stacking up win streaks to unlock harder opponents and stronger strong items. Battle Tree is basically the toughest endgame content, so make sure you are adequately ready to face off with some high level trainers. Battle Tree is filled with familiar faces from throughout the series, so enjoy the fan service.

5. Get Null and Cosmog

5 things to do after beating Pokemon Sun and Moon

A funny thing happens when you become Pokemon Champion; people give you stuff. Not just any stuff, free stuff. Pokemon included. Once you are champion there are 2 easy Pokemon to add to your collection in Null and Cosmog. As this is just a list post, I won’t get bogged down with how to get these, but I will link to guides on both Null and Cosmog.

You may feel like your journey has ended once you become Champion of the Alola region, but I can assure you there is still much work to be done. Whether you want to catch all the Pokemon, fight endlessly or get free Pokemon, there is a ton of post game content to explore after you’ve beaten Pokemon Sun and Moon. Thanks for reading!

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What did you think of this 5 things to do after Beating Pokemon Sun and Moon list? What are you doing endgame? Let me know in the Pit below.


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  1. Tammy says:

    Honestly i like pokemon x and y better….at least there you have the battle chatteu to help you level up ur pokemons…here its the pokemon league or wild pokemon which is a very slow process.

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