Xbox Bethesda 2021 Showcase Game Announcements

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One of the major keynotes for E3 2021 was the Xbox Bethesda showcase. This event marked the first time the newly acquired ZeniMax Media teamed up with their new owner Microsoft. As a combined keynote there was a ton of new details for a variety of both Xbox and ZeniMax titles. For a complete rundown see everything revealed at the Xbox Bethesda 2021 Showcase below.

Xbox Bethesda 2021 Showcase Game Announcements

The 90 minute keynote event took place on June 13th at 10 AM PT. This event featured a variety of announcement including a look at Battlefield 2042 gameplay, Starfield, Stalker 2 Heart of Chernobyl, Atomic Heart, and more. The full details of what was shown can be found below. Click links for the official trailers.

GameWhat was shown
StarfieldThanks to the Washington Post the trailer and release date was revealed early. Will come out November 2022. Will be exclusive to Xbox and will come to Gamepass Day 1.
Stalker 2 Heart of ChernobylGameplay and story trailer mix shown. Looks really good. Like a mix of Tarkov and Metro. April 28, 2022 release date. Day 1 with Gamepass.
Back 4 BloodCinematic and gameplay trailer for the Human vs Zombie game out of Turtle Rock. October release date. Day 1 with Gamepass.
ContrabandCinematic teaser trailer for this open-world co-op title. Day 1 with Gamepass.
Sea of Thieves: A Pirates LifePirates of the Caribbean content is coming to the game for free.
Yakuza: Like a DragonTrailer for Yakuza. Releases today.
Battlefield 2042First look at gameplay for Battlefield 2042. Crazy storms and crazy battles. Looks crazy. Can change attachments in real time. October 22 release date.
Twelve MinutesIndie title out of Anna Purina. September 19, 2021 release date. Will be available day 1 with Gamepass.
Psychonauts 2New look at the Double Fine title. August 25, 2021 release date. Will be available day 1 with Gamepass.
Fallout 76Next update for Fallout 76. Will continue the Brotherhood Steel Reign storyline. Comes out July 7. Only showed a new expansion called The Pitt.
The Elder Scrolls Online Trailer for the console enhance edition.
Party AnimalsAnimal brawler title. Coming to Gamepass Day 1 in 2022.
HadesComing to Gamepass on August 13th.
SomervillePost-apocalyptic adventure game. Top down. Coming to Gamepass Day 1.
Halo InfiniteMultiplayer will be free-to-play. First look at the reworked graphics in both story and multiplayer. No release date announced.
Diablo 2Coming to consoles October 23, 2021.
A Plague Tale RequiemSequel to Plague Tale. Set for release in 2022. Coming to Gamepass Day 1.
Far Cry 6More footage of the upcoming Far Cry 6 title. Lots of goofy stuff.
Slime Rancher 2New sequel to the popular slime ranching series. Releases in 2021. Coming to Gamepass Day 1.
ShreddersSnowboarding game. Set to release in December 2021. Coming to Gamepass Day 1.
Atomic HeartIt’s not dead. New look at Atomic Heart gameplay. No release date yet. Coming to Gamepass Day 1.
ReplacedCrazy pixel art style game. Set to come out in 2022.
GroundedNew update is coming to this survival title. Will featured the Brood Mother spider. Slated to release on June 30th.
Among UsAmong Us is getting 15 player lobbies.
Eiyuden Chronicle + Eiyuden ChronicleJRGP title. Featured two reveals. AE
The AscentJuly 29th release date for this action-shooter RPG set in a Cyberpunk World.
Age of Empires 4Popular real-time strategy game coming October 28, 2021. Will be available Day 1 on Gamepass.
Outerworlds 2Fun teaser cinematic trailer for the sequel.
Flight SimulatorFlight Simulator and Top Gun crossover. Coming Fall 2021.
Forza Horizon 5The new racer game is set in Mexico. Mix of cinematics and gameplay shown. Looks gorgeous.
RedfallCinematic trailer for the upcoming Arkane Studios open-world vampire title. Summer 2022 release window. Day 1 with Gamepass.

That’s every announcement from the Xbox Bethesda 2021 Showcase. It was a full event with a ton of gameplay and announcements shown off.

The Xbox Bethesda 2021 Showcase is just one of multiple keynotes that are occurring during E3 2021. See our full look at the E3 schedule for details about the upcoming keynotes.

What did you think of the Xbox Bethesda 2021 Showcase? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below.



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