Where to Find the Vanguard Ring in Remnant From the Ashes Subject 2923

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In the Subject 2923 DLC for Remnant From the Ashes there are a number of new items players can find. One new item is the Vanguard Ring. This new ring is located inside the basement of the Homestead. To reach this location you need to do a few things in your campaign playthrough. Check out our where to find the Vanguard Ring in Remnant From the Ashes Subject 2923 guide below.

IMPORTANT: Homestead is an Earth checkpoint that may spawn in during a run of the campaign. If it doesn’t spawn in you will be unable to access the basement.

Find the Homestead Basement Key

Image showing the Homestead Basement Key in Remnant From the Ashes Subject 2329.

If you attempt to enter the basement in the Homestead you will find a locked door that can only be opened using a key. The key that will open this door is called Homestead Basement Key (Red Item). This key can be found in Ward Prime which is the area after the farmland. Inside the Ward Prime area search the offices for this key item.

Open Homestead Basement Door and Loot Vanguard Ring

Image showing the doorway beneath the stairs that leads into the Homestead basement in Subject 2923.

Once you have the key head back to the Homestead checkpoint and enter the large house there. Inside the house you will see bookshelves next to a staircase going up. Destroy the bookshelves to expose a doorway. Go through the door to reach the locked door heading into the basement. Interact with the locked door and select the Homestead Basement Key to open it.

Image showing the Vanguard Ring location in the basement of the Homestead in Subject 2923.

Head down into the basement to find a special room with a number of computers in and around it. On a desk in this room you will find the Vanguard Ring (Purple Item). Pick up the ring to add it to your inventory. When the Vanguard Ring is equipped you gain the following:

  • “Melee Charge Attacks reduce incoming and outgoing damage by 4% and increase enemy aggresion towards the wearer for 15 seconds. Stacks 5 times.”

If you are a melee specific build this ring is a useful one to equip. For everyone else this ring is pretty meh. With that said if you are a completionist you will want to grab this ring for your collection anyways.

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