Where to Find the Golfer NPC in Terraria 1.4

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The final update for Terraria is upon us and that means new NPCs. Inside the Journey’s End update there a number of new additions including two new NPCs: Zoologist and Golfer. To help you get these NPC for yourself I’ve put together a guide for each of them. Below you will learn where to find the Golfer NPC in Terraria 1.4.

How to Get the Golfer NPC in Terraria 1.4

Image showing how to get the Golfer NPC in Terraria 1.4

The Golfer NPC is responsible for all things related to the new golfing mini-game in Terraria 1.4. This means this NPC is your primary source for all things Golf and Golf accessories. While this is all well and good, the Golfer NPC must be found to add to your town/city/village (whatever your living situation is). The only hint we have to go off is that The Guide overheard the Golfer NPC muttering something about “working on his sand trap game.” So where exactly does that hint lead us?

Image showing where to find the Golfer NPC in Terraria.

To find the Golfer NPC you will need to access the Desert biome. Inside this biome you will need to find the Golfer NPC who is trapped. We found him inside a cave on the Sandstone level. When you find the Golfer speak to him. Once you’ve freed the Golfer build suitable housing to have this NPC appear as a resident.

That’s all you need to know to get the Golfer NPC for yourself. Once this NPC is unlocked you can purchase Golf Accessories like Clubs and Colored Golf balls from them. You can also speak with them to start a round.


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