Where to Find the DLC Body – GTA Online

Rockstar games has added some new content to tease the upcoming December 2020 update for GTA Online. This content includes things like construction placing the casino under construction and adding a corpse on the beach. If you want to find the corpse for yourself you’ve come to the right place. Learn where to find the DLC body in GTA Online below.

Where to Find John Doe in GTA Online

Image showing where to find John Doe in GTA Online.

The corpse referred to as “John Doe” first appeared in a teaser Rockstar showed on their official Twitter account. John Doe is a man that has washed up on the shores of Los Santos in nothing but his underwear and a briefcase. To find the exact location of the body jump into a a lobby and make your way along the beach to the northwest of the Ferris Wheel. If the man spawns into your game you will find him on the beach here. If you don’t find him you will need to find a new lobby where he does spawn in.

What to Do With John Doe

Image showing John Doe in GTA Online.

As of right now there is nothing you can do with the body besides look at it. This is par for the course of the sort of in-game teasers Rockstar likes to put inside GTA Online. Rockstar tends to like dropping stuble hints in their online game to spur hype along. This approach works fairly well to make Los Santos feel like a changing city.

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