Where to Find the Chaos Rosalia in Vampire Survivors

Chaos Rosalia.

In Vampire Survivors v1.5.101 a new stage was added to the game called Astral Stair. This new challenge stage features three new Relics for players to find on it. One of the Relics that players can find is the Chao Rosalia. To find this Relic use our where to find the Chaos Rosalia in Vampire Survivors guide below.

Note: I highly recommend finding the Astral Stair Map Relic before you try to find the Chaos Rosalia. This makes finding the Relic much easier to do if you are getting lost easily.

Find the Chaos Rosalia

Start a run of the Astral Stair stage. When you start go down. There is a brief cutscene that plays where you fly through the air and can’t move. You then arrive on the stage. This stage is a little strange to navigate, especially getting to the different Relics on it.

This level appears to be just a vertical strip, but it is actually many rooms that are only accessible by using portals. The first portal you want to use is located at the very top section of the vertical strip. Walk up to the location shown on the map above an you will find the portal on left wall. Walk into it.

You will be teleported to a new room. Walk to the far right side of this room. You will find another portal. Walk up into the portal to reach the next room. Walk right in this room past the Bronze Finger item to the next portal. Use this portal to reach another new room.

Chaos Rosalia map location.
Visit this map location to find the Chaos Rosalia item.

In the final room walk down. You will see chickens spawning around the room. Continue heading down until you see the Chaos Rosalia. Pick up the Chaos Rosalia item to unlock it and the EXTRA: Find the Chaos Rosalia achievement. Once this item is unlocked you morph Yatta Cavallo at Level 80.

There is another Relic on this map that you will want to acquire. The Trisection can be acquired much the same way as this Relic. See that guide for details.

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